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‘Love After Lockup’: Gen Bailey Worries, No Calls From Jailed Clint

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Love After Lockup star Clint Brady went to jail for 45 days. And his girlfriend Gen Bailey finds it very difficult. Already, she misses him terribly, And now she worries as he never called her in three full days. While Clint’s ex, Tracie Wagaman saw the inside of jail cells often enough it all sounds very new to Gen. Some people who served time inside helped reassure her about phone calls and jail routines.

Love After Lockup No calls for gen Bailey after three full days

We reported that Gen Bailey posted up about missing Clint just a day after he ended up jailed for 45 days. She sent him a sweet message on Instagram. Gen wrote, ” I miss you…I didn’t know what else there’s to say.” Plus, she added, “I dont care if he’s not perfect but he’s my not perfect, (sic).” And, she told him that she loves him no matter what. But of course, Clint might have not even seen it yet. However, WEtv fans read her messages and step in to support her. Now she posted up another card.

The card on her Instagram that she posted late Thursday, said, ” I exist in two places, here and where you are.” Then, in her caption, she said, “Day 3 and I haven’t heard from nug. Fingers crossed he will call me today.” Then she talked about how she misses him “desperately.” And Gen also noted that she and Clint “never separated like this before.” Actually, her pain and longing for Clint come through clearly. So Love After Lockup fans probably easily imagine her crying herself to sleep.

Fans wonder why Clint never called Gen yet

In the comments, some fans speculated that Clint probably called his mom. Well, some of them thought that might actually be a possibility. Fans of the WEtv show know that his mom likes him staying in touch with her. But others thought perhaps Clint doesn’t know Jen’s phone number. After all, how many people remember cell-phone numbers? These days, they sit on the memory of phones. So, it’s seldom anyone needs a look-up. Actually, a few fans advised that people should always memorize a number in case they end up in jail.

One Love After Lockup fan told Gen that she worked in corrections. And these days, people get fewer phone calls because of COVID-19. So, that might account for Clint not calling her. And some people who know the system explained that county jail’s different from big prisons. Some jails work quite differently. However, a number of people told Gen Bailey that Clint might be in for “testing and quarantine” for now. And until he gets the all-clear he can’t make any calls.

Love After Lockup Gen Bailey Worries No Calls From Jailed Clint
Credit: Gen Bailey | Instagram

Hopefully, Gen Bailey soon tells Clint’s Love After Lockup fans that he called her.

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