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‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ Moving Back to Sundays

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Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist will head off on its midseason break on Tuesday, Feb. 9. Fans have known that for a while, but now everyone gets to know when the show will return. Not only does the series have a return date, but it also has a new night.

Well, it’s sort of a new night. It’s a new night for Season 2, but an old night for the series. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist will return to being a Sunday night staple.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Is Getting a Six-Week Break

The musical dramedy is heading on a six-week break. Part of this is linked to the pandemic, which has made filming a lot harder than normal. It will have six weeks for production to catch up, allowing for a clear run to the season finale.

So, when is the official date? According to TVLineZoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Season 2 will return with new episodes on Sunday, Mar. 28, 2021. The wait won’t feel as long as it looks like right now.

Sunday nights are back to how they usually feel in March. Good Girls Season 4 will premiere on Mar. 7 at 10/9c, initially with Ellen’s Game of Games leading it in, which is getting a new night. Originally, the game show aired on Tuesday nights during The Voice‘s off-season.

Zoey’s will end up taking over that 9/8c slot, giving us two excellent dramedies to follow throughout the spring. There shouldn’t be any more breaks in the series due to production delays, but nobody can say for certain. After all, this pandemic has certainly been an unpredictable one. It is starting to feel like some networks are finding their strides after the pandemic problems.

Jane Levy Finally Lands a Golden Globe Nomination

The news of the return date comes after Jane Levy finally snagged a Golden Globe nomination. This has been a long time coming, especially off the back of the successful first season.

She will go up against some heavy talent in the Comedy or Musical Series category. Kaley Cuoco, Elle Fanning, Lily Collins, and Catherine O’Hara have all been nominated for Best Actress in the same category.

The good thing about the return date for Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Season 2 is that it comfortably sits in the date period for the next Golden Globes. If Levy doesn’t win, there is another chance for her to be nominated. That won’t be the case for some of the actresses, mainly Catherine O’Hara now that Schitt’s Creek has come to an end. However, all hope is on Levy winning her first nomination, because after the performance over the course of a season and a half, she proves she deserves it.

What do you think of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Season 2 so far? What do you hope to see on the second half of the season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Season 2’s midseason premiere airs on Sunday, Mar. 28 at 9/8c on NBC.


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