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Larissa Lima Goes Off On Her Ex-Friend Carmen – Here’s Why

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Larissa Lima ranted about her presumably ex-friend Carmen. Actually, she loses friends quite regularly these days by the look of things. And, almost weekly, she rants and rages about people who do her harm. Now, it’s Carmen’s turn But 90 Day Fiance fans aren’t sure what it’s all about. Angry, she launched into Portuguese. And according to those who understand, she said some extremely unflattering things.

Larissa Lima threatens Carmen, uses gutter language

Colt Johnson’s ex certainty knows how to destroy a friendship forever when she loses her temper. She already had a huge bust-up with Jess Caroline. Incidentally, they became friends via Carmen. But that all came to an end. We reported on January 18, that Larissa spoke about Carmen and Jess on her Instagram. So evidently, Carmen started losing favor before now. One thing that really upset Larissa is that Jess didn’t check up with her after one of her plastic surgery sessions.

Plus, she slammed Jess for just using her for “followers” and “likes.” Next, she fired some shots at Carmen for allegedly “Talking about” Larissa’s arrest by ICE. Now, she called her some bad names. And told her to “stop threatening.” Plus the 90 Day Fiance alum vowed she knows a lot about Carmen that she can spill if she chooses. Some translateable bits called Carmen a “wh-re,” a “b-tch,” and a “pu**y.” Well, even those who could understand Portuguese had some trouble following what Larissa Lima said.

Do fans care about Larissa much these days?

90 Day The Melaneted Way shared the clip of Larissa ranting about Carmen and something to do with another friend named Julie. On their Instagram account, they write a caption: “Larissa, Carmen & Jess. This makes me sad! I’m not 100 percent sure what went on here, but I was hoping it would all blow over! 🙁” Well, clearly that never happened as Larissa seemingly takes her rage to a new level. But in the comments, it seems that Larissa really doesn’t matter much to TLC fans these days.

The Sun reported that Larissa Lima ventured into “p*rn” and a lot of fans don’t like that. And neither did TLC. The network canned her. And nowadays, she feels no shame about it. In fact, she said that she spent a lot of money on her various surgeries. Actually, she feels there’s nothing wrong with using her body as a money-spinner. And, she claimed it would help support her kids back in Brazil. Fans take that bit with a pinch of salt.

Larissa Lima Goes Off At Her Ex-friend Carmen
Credit: Larissa Lima Via 90 Day The Melanated Way | Instagram

One fan commented, “She needs to go look after her kids. This woman is a joke.” And another TLC fan noted, “She sure likes to fight and threaten…..yikes! ” But one fan nutshelled their general feelings about Larissa Lima. Their comment read: “I have horrible second-hand embarrassment watching her.”

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