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Did The Busby Quints Get Their Food Craving From Danielle?

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The Busby quints and big sister Blayke really like pizza. But their top favorite food craving isn’t that tasty dish. The quints particularly like one food item. And Danielle craved it during her pregnancy. So, it is possible that what pregnant moms crave might become their kids’ favorite snack? Bear in mind, the OutDaughtered mom ate for six when she carried the adorable little girls.

Busby quints tuck into their favorite food, Danielle comments

TLC fans often see the Busby family out on a Friday and they enjoy eating pizza. And, sometimes Danielle shares photos of them enjoying ice cream. In fact, one of the most successful parties that Blayke ever attended centered around a pizza theme. The kids all made their own pizzas, got covered in various ingredients, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. So, we wondered if Danielle might try something similar for her own kids. With lots of hungry mouths to feed, it seemed like a great idea. But the kids might prefer something way more than that.

On February 3, Danielle shared a photo of Riley and Hazel. It looked like they stopped off somewhere for a treat. In her caption, the TLC star talked about how she craved “Crescent Rolls” during her pregnancy. She said that she could indulge without “guilt” and even eat “a whole roll of crescent rolls.” Not that she eats that amount nowadays. But, she reminded OutDaughtered fans that she needed “4500 calories a DAY.” And that’s why she thinks the Busby quints love them. Obviously, they sit on their list of favorite foods.

Can pregnancy cravings pass down to the kids?

One OutDaughtered fan said, “My mom ate salt and vinegar chips while she was pregnant with me and they’re my favorite thing ever.” And another follower noted, “My sister craved Turkish Delight and Bought it by the box… and her daughter can’t turn it down these days lol.” A few others mentioned similar food cravings. So, is it possible that kids inherit a favorite food from their mom’s craving?

The Atlantic looked into that question. The outlet noted that “some people’s fondness for the foods their mother craved during pregnancy can … seem predestined.” While researchers never really looked into it much, there are some possible links. The outlet cited “Julie Mennella, of the Monell Chemical Senses Center, in Philadelphia.” She noted that flavors “are transmitted through the bloodstream and flavor amniotic fluid … If a baby has experienced a flavor in utero or in breastmilk, they prefer it more.” So yes, the Busby quints might have grown fond of crescent rolls while still in Danielle’s womb.

Did The Busby Quints Get Their Food Craving From Danielle
Credit: Danielle Busby | Instagram

Nevertheless, sometimes kids hear about what their mom craved, and subconsciously adopt a liking for certain foods. The outlet noted that carrot juice and garlic seem the most common preferences in flavors among young children if their mom ate or drank a lot of it during pregnancy.

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