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‘Unexpected’ Production Team Slammed By Tyra’s Fans

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Unexpected rumors float around that Tyra and Alex left the show, but that might relate to another couple. Nevertheless, news emerged that resulted in Tyra’s fans slamming the production team for TLC. Another rumor that arose recently, reveals that Tyra and Alex might actually be back together as a couple. So, what fans see on TLC might skew the truth somewhat.

Unexpected fans slam the production team after news arrives about Tyra

Fans heard that TLC removed a couple from the show. And some people wondered if that might refer to Tyra and Alex. However, that actually involved Reanna and Taron. It’s not clear why, but it’s really easy to break the NDA for the show.  Potentially, they make a mistake on social media. In fact, we reported that the show’s on some sort of hiatus until March. And that might relate to TLC needing to find some fillers for their episodes. Plus, if Tyra and Alex really left the show as well, that might also account for some delays.

Unexpected fans slammed Tyra recently when she returned home from college. She gave Alex little time or thanks for looking after their little girl Layla. People said she’s lucky that she attends college and her daughter remains safely within a support group. But how much of that is all scripted, or manipulated by the production team? Actually, although it’s a reality TV show, they obviously bring a lot of input for the drama. Drama makes for good ratings, and they seem uncaring about how much hate might go the way of these young teens. So, fans slam the production team hard.

Alex and Tyra back together?

Reality Titbit reported that while fans see that Tyra and Alex split, on January 24, they seemed close on social media. In fact, they wore “matching tops with their names on (with a picture of them on them), as posted to her story.” Now, fan Instagram page @tlc.unexpectedtea, confirmed that they are together. That came in the comments in a post about how a producer pushed for drama on her Miami trip. Tyra did a Live on February 1. And she claimed that the producers were “always pushing for some narrative.”

She also mentioned that one of the Unexpected producers brought “vodka and snacks to her room” on the Miami trip. Only 19 at the time, she felt less than comfortable with the producers. Interestingly, one person who applied for the show turned it down. That came after “one call with them.” The fan added, “I was already over it. they were pushing a narrative so fast i knew something was off 😬.”

Unexpected Tyra Fans Slam Production Team
Credit: tlc.unexpectedtea | Instagram

Another Unexpected fan commented on Tyra and the show in general. They noted, “This is so f—-d how the producers are constantly pushing for a fake narrative. i feel like it’s gotten to a point [where] it’s taking a strain on their relationships.”

What do you think about the production team allegedly always racking up the drama on Unexpected? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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