Marrying Millions Premiere Donovan and Dani

‘Marrying Millions’ Premiere Features Donovan And Dani

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Marrying Millions premieres on Wednesday, February 3 on Lifetime at 10/9c. Spoilers about Dani and Donovan already emerged. It looks like they bring a lot of heated drama in the new season. Not missing a beat, their drama features in the premiere episode. And already, Don gets the thumbs-down from fans who dislike him.

Marrying Millions premiere set to spark outrage over Donovan and Dani

TV Shows Ace reported that Don and Dani return. And early spoilers suggested that fans would see him start proposals for their prenup. Right on the nail, the teaser for Wednesday’s premiere reveals that they talk about that prenuptial agreement. Recall, Dani and Donovan met at high school. Similar in age, they nevertheless clash a bit. After all, Don became a wealthy millionaire. Somehow, Dani ended up working for him. And she complains because she only holds a low-paid job.

Dani enjoys spending money, but Donovan’s really careful with his budget. So fans don’t anticipate a fair prenup in the Marrying Millions premiere. In the teaser, Don said they must talk about some things as they near the decision about marrying. And he told Dani she’ll “have to sign” a prenup. She looked very unimpressed. In the comments section, Lifetime fans reacted. One of them straight away remarked, “Loser!” But other fans say they plan on watching the show. After all, it brings more than just one couple.

Marrying Millions Premiere Features Donovan And Dani
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Does Dani still work for Donovan?

In real life, it looks like Dani shelved the idea of working for Don at Equity Cash Offer. And, clearly, it’s a good move. After all, everyone knows that sort of thing can bring out all sorts of office jealousy. And not all couples work well together. The Cinemaholic reported in August last year that she now works with interior design. The outlet also notes from their now-deleted Instagram posts, that the couple seems in a good place.

They suggested that back in August, they remained together. And these days Dani seems very “supportive” of Donovan’s business. Meanwhile, he gives her space to grow her own career. Of course, that might change as none of their previous posts remain available anymore. Either things never worked out, or they hope not to spoil the new season. In the teaser for the Marrying Millions premiere, she looks anything but happy with Don.

Is a prenup a good idea?

Nevertheless, it shouldn’t surprise Marrying Millions fans that Donovan wants a prenup. Money.usnews reported that it makes sense. Especially if either partner “has a lot to lose in a possible divorce.” It protects other people who might benefit in the long-term, like kids and parents. Whether you like Don or not, he also owes some responsibility to his other family members. It all depends on what he plans to propose in the show and whether it’s reasonable for Dani.

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