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‘My 600-lb Life’ Steven Assanti’s Latest Rant and Update

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Fans of My 600-lb Life tuned into the popular show to watch Steven Assanti, and most people were in disbelief. Fans watched his antics and saw his different personalities. Making fans wonder if Steven was really on the show for publicity or was he truly looking for help to lose weight?

Steven Assanti was extreme from the beginning

My 600-lb Life celeb Steven Assanti came onto the popular TLC show weighing around 800 pounds. After deciding to get his life together, Steven and his family pack up to move to Houston, Texas. This is so that Steven and his brother Justin Assanti could get weight loss surgery from Dr. Nowzaradan. However, Steven nor Justin followed through with Dr. Now’s program.

Dr. Now wasn’t dealing with Steven Assanti

Steven was not only addicted to food but also had an addiction to pain pills, which Dr. Now put a stop to. Steven was admitted to the hospital to help control his food intake but he was quickly kicked out after he ordered a pizza for delivery in the hospital while in the middle of his weight loss attempt. Ultimately the whole reality show experience wasn’t bad for Steven. In 2018 he married Stephanie Sanger. Fans feel that it’s hard to understand what she sees in Steven and his multiple personalities.

Steven Assanti's IG PageSteven’s latest rant actually answered a few questions

Steven loves to rant on social media and make crazy videos to get attention. In his latest video, he answered some questions from his “haters.”  He starts out by saying “yes I had the surgery, and yes I failed the surgery”. Steven claims he is looking into having the Gastric bypass the revision. He adds, “yes I have body odor” and “yes I have no teeth.” He claims the issue with his teeth is due to drinking too much soda pop and not from pain pills. Steven continued his rant to his “haters” by saying “yes I am a loser.”

His antics continue

Did Steven stop the rant? Nope, he continued by acknowledging that he is married and he has a new family. And true to Steven’s style, he asks if there is anything else and if so, he doesn’t care. Even though he cared enough to make a video specifically to rant about his “haters”.It clear that steven can’t control going off the deep in and ranting in multiple videos. It’s also important to note that it doesn’t look like he’s lost much weight after his surgery, and his stomach is very large. Fans pointed out that since his last public appearance, it looks like he’s around the same weight.

Steven Assanti is  My 600LB Life alum that fans won’t be able to forget… so continue to follow Tv Show Ace for updates.

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