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Whew! Candace Cameron Bure Barely Escapes Wardrobe Malfunction

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Fuller House star Candace Cameron Bure just barely escaped a major wardrobe malfunction during her 24 hour QVC appearance. The 44-year-old actress participated in a 24 hour promotion of Lancer Skincare with QVC over the weekend. The actress was kind enough to share tons of clips from her appearance on her Instagram Stories. In one of the clips, Candace Cameron Bure came dangerously close to suffering a wardrobe malfunction.

Why the actress supports Lancer Skincare

Candace Cameron Bure informed her Instagram followers she had been up for a very long time. And, she hadn’t had much sleep. She went on a walk shortly before her 24 hour run. Trying to get her blood flowing. To get her body ready for being awake for a very long time. Unsurprisingly, the actress was VERY ready to go to bed when the 24 hours were over. Candace Cameron Bure Instagram

The Full House alum also made an effort to explain why she pushes the Lancer Skincare. For Candace Cameron Bure, the promotion of this product isn’t about being sponsored or making money via affiliate marketing. This is a product Candace Cameron Bure has been using on her own face and skin for over a decade. This is a product she knows works. And, it is a product she believes in. In one short clip on her Instagram Stories, she explained these are the reasons why she promotes this skin care product.

Candace Cameron Bure barely escapes wardrobe malfunction

The the video clip below, Candace Cameron Bure asks her followers if they’ve ever purchased a dress they later regret. More specifically, have they ever purchased a dress that just didn’t seem to cooperate. Regardless of what adjustments or modifications the person wearing it decides to make. This was the problem she was facing. As she just barely escapes a serious wardrobe malfunction.

Candace Cameron Bure was rocking a gorgeous white silky dress. It had a robe-style neckline that held together at the waistline. She, however, was having trouble getting the dress to stay closed. She shared a video of herself desperately trying to adjust the dress. Candace Cameron Bure’s bosom came very close to spilling and popping out of the deep neckline more than a few times.

By the end of the video, Candace Cameron Bure made a decision. She placed her hands on her torso. She would use her hands to provide the dress with more support. To hold it together. To prevent her chest from spilling out.

It was very clear she was uncomfortable in the dress. And, she definitely regretted the decision to wear it. She, however, seemed to evade the malfunction completely using her hands for extra support.

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