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’90 Day Fiance’: Big Ed Back On the Dating Scene In New Show

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Big Ed Brown thought he found his soulmate on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Sadly, he was left with a broken heart. Now, the California-based photographer is ready to give love another chance. And cameras will be documenting his journey on the discovery+ series 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life.

Big Ed’s Fails At Love On 90 Day Fiance

After twenty-eight years of being single, Ed took a chance when Rosemarie Vega came up as a suggested friend on Facebook. They started talking and soon, it became romantic. He would call her his queen and she referred to him as her king. She even had her son, Prince, call him “daddy.” Big Ed made plans to travel to the Philippines to meet Rose and her family. Their over thirty-year age difference did not sit well with his daughter, Tiffany. She stopped talking to him when she learned of Rose. In the Philippines, Ed made several mistakes to jeopardize the relationship.

He had lied about his height, which she would accept. Then, at dinner, he asked Rose to take an STD test. She agreed but only if he would. He refused to take one out of the states. After they made love for the first time, Ed criticized her leg hair and asked her to shave. Ed also said her breath was bad and finally, he told her he did not want more children. This was after she said she wanted two more children and he seemingly agreed. Rose left the resort they were staying at and they had a brutal tell-all. Recently, he apologized and she forgave him.

Back On the Dating Scene

90 Day Fiance Credit: 90 Day Fiance Instagram
Credit: 90 Day Fiance Instagram

Now, Ed is attempting to find love again and the best way to do it is to update his dating profile. He decides to do a photo shoot. In it, he dresses as Elvis and Nacho Libre. He jokingly asks if he should take his shirt off. On a date with a younger, pretty woman, he is already expressing how much he cares about her. However, he tells her how he does not want to rush anything then tries to kiss her. He quickly gets rejected by his date. In Big Ed’s defense, she did have dinner at his home so what did he expect? He does need to get rid of the sumo wrestler ponytail, just saying.

So, will Ed be able to find love again or should he change his dating style? It will be very interesting to see what happens on this series. If he keeps dating younger women, one of them is bound to want more children. Though Ed did go through with the vasectomy, he also froze some sperm so maybe little Big Ed’s wandering around. The new series premieres February 21 only on discovery+.

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