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Uncle Dale Mills Shows Off His Moves

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Uncle Dale Mills has become an OutDaughtered star, even though he’s not a focal point of the TLC show. He’s seemed to bond with one quint, in particular, Hazel. So, fans have come to love him for that. But fans who follow him on social media are finding plenty of other reasons to love Uncle Dale.

He recently shared a new video that perfectly captures his personality. See what the video is of and what fans think of it too.

Uncle Dale Mills shares dancing video

On Instagram recently, Dale posted a new video of himself and his wife, Crystal Mills, who goes by KiKi. He first posted the video to his TikTok account.

They’re in the car together, and KiKi is driving while Dale’s in the passenger seat. He’s rocking out to Dear Maria, Count Me In by All Time Low in the black and white video. He really gets into the song and moves his body as best he can while buckled in.

You can watch Dale’s full video here.

OutDaughtered fans have a lot to say

Naturally, fans are commenting on the video and sharing their thoughts. Some of them are on the same page as Aunt KiKi, who wasn’t into Dale’s antics.

Others are impressed by his singing and dancing skills. They think that he’s hilarious. Some are wanting to know more about the song. Whether fans like his singing and dancing, they all seem to like KiKi’s reaction. They’re calling it a “classic” wife reaction.

One fan writes, “That was actually so good! Can’t say I’m surprised, though🤣 you rock!” Another adds, “😂😂😂 I love uncle Dale for all these hilariousness 😂😂😂”

This isn’t the first time that Dale has shared a video of himself getting his groove on. He has a TikTok account where he shares lots of videos of himself and his family dancing. He typically shares these videos on Instagram too.

Previously, Dale shared a rather raunchy video that really captured his followers’ attention. Fans were pretty upset by it because they’re used to the family-friendly content that’s featured on TLC’s OutDaughtered. They were surprised to see something like this from Dale. But it’s all blown over now, and fans are enjoying his new videos.

So, what do you think of Uncle Dale Mills’ impressive moves? Do you hope to see more from him? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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