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Adam Busby Shares Stunning Family Photo From Williamsburg Holiday

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Adam Busby and his family took some time out in Williamsburg, VA recently and he produced a stunning family photo of the trip. He certainly seems better and way more skilled with his new camera than ever. Somehow he captured a whole story in one picture. And, just looking at it probably makes anyone wish they could be there. The OutDaughtered dad fast picks up a reputation for excellence among his many TLC followers.

Adam Busby takes stunning photos these days

Danielle, Adam, and the kids all visited Williamsburg about a month ago. Now, he and Danielle share photos of the trip. Danielle shared one that revealed all the family “twinning” on the outing. We reported that Danielle loved the scenery as it made for a beautiful backdrop. “All six of her girls [rocked] the same matching grey and plaid sweatshirts.” And, Adam also dressed for the occasion in a similar fashion. Of course, with his passion for photography, Adam also shared some shots.

On Friday, January  29, Adam Busby took to his Instagram and shared a nice photo. Actually, it looked good enough to melt the winter, fans thought. The stunning shot revealed the girls and their mom clustered around the fireplace gazing into the flames. Around them, the furnishings and wall hangings gleamed in the warm glow. Even the lighting on the girl’s hair produced a dreamy and magical moment. Sometimes, people suggest that Adam should sell his photos to magazines. So, possibly he markets them. However, he never actually, said that he does.

Adam Busby Produces Ad-Worthy Photo From Williamsburg
Credit: Adam Busby | Instagram

This is one of many stunning pictures by the OutDaughtered dad

Surprisingly, the quints’ dad never attended formal photography training. He told his TLC fans that he looks online on places like YouTube. And, he does some informal training with photography groups like Creative Live. They offer some courses which aspiring photographers can take at their own pace. So, a stream of really stunning photos come out from him. He also gets better with his videos that he shares on his YouTube vlog, It’s A Buzz World.

While Adam Busby also captures some really good photos with his phone, a good photographer needs good equipment. So in September last year, he upgraded his camera.

His investment in a Canon R5 camera certainly seems to have paid off in terms of quality. Obviously, he took a bit of time figuring it all out. In the comments section of his latest photo, a TLC fan said, “Photo is your job! ✨😍.” And another one commented, “You always take great photos!!!!”

‘OutDaughtered’ Dad Adam Busby Upgrades His Camera

Possibly the biggest praise came from an OutDaughtered fan who told Adam Busby that his photo makes them want to visit Williamsburg.


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