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Tania & Syngin Yearn For Van Life After Vacation

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Tania & Syngin Colchester went for a mini-vacation recently and now they yearn for van life. And it might actually suit the 90 Day Fiance couple very much. Much like fellow co-star Steven Frend, they seriously consider purchasing one for themselves. Plus, living in a confined space from time to time might not present a problem for them either. On social media, they seem less combative than TLC fans see on their screens.

Tania & Syngin enjoyed staying in a van on a mini-vacation

We reported that recently, Steven Frend from 90 Day Fiance took a sudden leaning toward van life. He shared some photos from others who chose the lifestyle for themselves. As he loves his son Richie so much, fans think perhaps he gets one and uses it when he can, rather than living in it permanently. He and Olga split, but they still co-parent their little boy. Perhaps he takes them both for a road trip some time.

A few weeks ago, Tana Maduro shared some photos of herself out with Syngin. She said they found a small camper to rent and they fully intend to return one day. In the comments section, TLC fans thought that sort of thing suited them. Actually, they seem more compatible in real life than on the screen. Certainly, their appreciation for nature combined with her passion for growing herbs and organic veggies brings them common ground.

Tania Syngin Yearn For Van Life After Vacation
Credit: Tania Maduro | Instagram

Van life becomes a new objective

Van life isn’t for everyone. It might sound wonderful, but the practicalities might wear a bit thin for people who experience it once only. Apart from being a bit cramped, it costs money for fuel. And, the USA’s huge, so nice areas might not lie handily close to where they live. But those people who take to it certainly seem thrilled with the lifestyle. If you don’t mind a very minimalistic lifestyle, then why not go for it?

Clearly, Tania & Syngin look into it a bit more before making their final decision. In a new post on Wednesday, January 27, Tania talked about it. They hope to see some vans, meet with people who live the lifestyle or even help with refurbishing one. That way, they get a better feel for it. And, she promises that plans for coronavirus virus safety factor in. They hope to “try before you buy.” Obviously, they share some good old-fashioned common sense between them.

Tania Syngin Yearn For Van Life After Vacation
Credit: Tania Maduro | Instagram

A few 90 Day Fiance fans said they’d love to chat with Tania & Syngin about it. One of them offered one for sale. And others suggested places where they can check out blogs. Even more of them believe the couple’s totally suited to van life. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments below.

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