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‘Sister Wives’ – Christine Defies Kody As Fans Shame Husband Of Four

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Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown is all about her husband, Kody Brown when it comes to romance, but she won’t let the same guy tie her. It looks like Christine blatantly went against her husband’s wishes in the recent photos she posted. But instead of the fans jumping down her throat, the Sister Wives husband was the aim of shame for those photos.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Sings Pandemic Blues

It seems Kody Brown directed his Sister Wives women to keep their individual families at home. So that meant Christine was expected to stay put with the kids during the pandemic shutdown.

While it sounds like Janelle and Robyn did just what he asked, it looks as if his third wife just said no. Christine said this on the trailer for the new Sister Wives season. She told the fans about Kody’s expectations. He wanted them to stay in their houses to keep safe from the coronavirus.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown
Photo: Sister Wives TLC Video Screenshot

Then Christine got on the camera and said that it wasn’t going to happen at her house. She wasn’t staying put. Early on when the government still didn’t know too much about the spread of this virus Janelle took things into her own hands.

No Tying This Lady Down

She went as far as asking Kody not to visit. Because he was going house to house, she wanted to keep her little family safe. You could see on the season promo where Janelle tells her kids that she asked their Sister Wives’ dad to stay away for a while. You can also see by looking at the kids’ faces that they weren’t very happy about this decision.

Janelle was on the same page as Kody when it came to taking precautions around the virus. However, Christine wasn’t about to be stuck in her own Sister Wives’ home. While you weren’t sure what her ideas were about going places, fans found out over the weekend.

Sister Wives - Christin Brown without masks
Photo: Christine Brown Instagram

Christine posted photos of her and her Sister Wives kids at a baby shower for Mykelti Brown. These pictures showed that Christine and her kids all got together for this shower. But it seems the fans didn’t focus on Mykelti’s family members. Her mom and siblings stood just about on top of her for a photo and not one person in the picture wore a mask. It seems what the fans did see was yet another time Kody should have been present and he wasn’t.

 Sister Wives – Kody Brown Shamed

You might think some fans would ream Christine because she traveled and then attended a gathering at Mykelti’s house with her Sister Wives kids. Especially because no one wore a mask in the photo. The photos showed no masks as well as no social distancing precautions.

It seems Christine’s lack of COVID precautions took the back seat for the fans. Instead, they were furious that her Sister Wives husband wasn’t at the baby shower for his daughter. Some fans were still holding a grudge after Kody didn’t show up for his granddaughter’s amputation procedure. Fans felt Maddie might have needed her dad’s support. Now he’s missing from another event for another daughter.

Make sure to catch the Sister Wive new season when it airs on Sunday, Feb. 14 on TLC at 10 pm EST.

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