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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Urge Tony Padron To ‘Clean Up’ & Cut His Hair

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Christine Brown took to Instagram to reveal Mykelti Brown and Antonio “Tony” Padron enjoyed a baby shower today. The couple went against tradition and did not have a female-only celebration. Both Tony and several of Mykelti Brown’s siblings were present.

Christine Brown shared several baby shower photos

The excited grandmother-to-be shared several photos of Mykelti Brown’s baby shower. One photo featured a glowing Mykelti Brown standing between her mother Christine and her husband Tony. Fans loved getting to see a few photos of the special event.

And, they all agreed Mykelti Brown looked incredible. But, they were not really feeling her husband Tony Padron. Wonder why her husband got a lot of heat for the photo containing him? Keep reading to see what fans had to say.

Sister Wives fans drag Tony Padron for his appearance

One individual noted everything looked beautiful. But, her husband Tony Padron was ruining the pictures. The individual clarified Tony needed to “clean up.” And, he should consider getting a hair cut. The comment was liked several dozen times. This suggested this wasn’t the only Sister Wives fan to feel this way. The comment also accumulated a lot of responses. Some of them, however, did not seem to agree.

One Sister Wives fan insisted Tony’s grooming habits should not be open for discussion. The person who posted the original criticism, however, doubled down. They noted “freedom of speech” allowed them to have an opinion. And, in their opinion, Tony looked dirty.

The individual proceeded to clarify they were just trying to help. They did not think Tony looked very presentable. And, they thought he should know.

Mykelti Padron Instagram

Other followers were baffled as to why the original person thought Tony looked dirty. Did long hair make him dirty? Or was it the curly hair? Either way, some Sister Wives fans were slowly becoming offended.

Fans often drag him for the way he looks

Unfortunately, fans tend to attack Tony for his appearance nearly every time he’s in a photo. This could be another reason why he and his wife do not post that much on Instagram. It is possible they just don’t want to read all of the negative comments.

Now, the individual critic did recognize Mykelti Brown’s opinion was the only one that mattered. After all, she had to live with Tony. So, as long as she didn’t mind his long and curly unkempt looking hair… No one else should care.

Do you think Sister Wives fans were right to drag Tony Padron for his looks? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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