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Danielle Busby Tackles Another Big Project

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Danielle Busby rolled up her sleeves and started decluttering all the Christmas stuff. Her pre-spring-cleaning efforts found her resisting the temptation to over-do things. It looks like when the OutDaughtered mom works up her motivation levels, she goes all out. Resisting her over-zealous excesses seemed rather hard for her this week.

Danielle Busby de-clutters and pre-spring-cleans after Christmas

Shortly after Halloween, Danielle said that she simply couldn’t wait for Christmas. All excited, she really looked forward to taking out all the Christmas stuff. While they celebrated all the holidays last year, for the OutDaughtered mom, Christmas simply seemed more special than any other. Especially as 2020 seemed full of stress and worry during the dark pandemic time. And plenty of fans agreed with her. By November 4, many of them told the TLC star that they already decorated the tree in anticipation of a bright and happy time.

Of course like Danielle Busby, the time eventually comes for all those decorations to be packed away in their boxes. Plus, cleaning up the playroom and replacing the old with the new take time and effort. Danielle took to her Instagram stories and told her fans that she started a big post-Christmas, pre-spring-cleaning operation. That involves tidying, moving some stuff into storage, and sorting out what they consider donating to those in need.

Over-the-top mission

The trouble is that Danielle Busby can hardly contain herself when it comes to the kids’ toys and playroom. In fact, it almost looks like the OutDaugthered star feels the need to sit on her hands so she didn’t go crazy on her de-cluttering mission. And, she felt she just made more of a mess as she went along. Possibly many of her TLC followers know exactly how she feels. And, she suggested fans contact her with ideas for some structure and decision-making.

Perhaps she could head over to Netflix and watch Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. The series by the world-renowned tidying expert shows people how to declutter when they undertake a home makeover. Apparently, many brilliant ideas arrive. And it helps make all those decisions so much easier. Of course, Marie recommends that people never throw out or give away sentimental stuff. But, taking out unneeded stuff like old takeout menus will certainly help fill a trash bag really quickly.

Danielle Busby Fights De-Cluttering Excesses
Credit: Danielle Busby | Instagram Stories

Tidying up can be fun

Not sure what to keep and what to donate from your clothing closet? Well, Kondo suggests piling everything onto the bed and picking through items carefully. The fun part comes when you rediscover an item you forgot you had. Memories are important. So, maybe fold that back up and keep it. But duplicate sweaters, too many pants in the same style or even color could safely go away.

Danielle Busby could look at everything in the home and measure it by the level of joy her family gets from them. The lower the level of joy associated, the easier it is to take it off to the nearest charity or thrift shop.

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