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‘The Bachelor’ Fans Drag Dale Moss Over IG Stories Explaining BreakUp

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Dale Moss took to his Instagram to post a heartfelt message to his fans about his life post-breakup. But who needs to hear a Dale Moss breakup explanation?

Dale Moss Breakup Explanation; Why The Video?

Clare and Dale had gotten engaged after only a few weeks of knowing each other. Clare fell in love and left The Bachelorette before filming all her episodes.  

Viewers of The Bachelor dragged Dale for this video since they think the 32-year-old is only chasing fame based on his actions the last few days. Unlike Clare, who has been silent about their relationship, Moss has been posting videos and doing interviews with paparazzi.

“I love Clare and respect her enough to let her know how I feel. Even if that’s against the opinions of everybody else. I wanted nothing more than to make this relationship work. I put my heart and soul into it, and I wanted nothing more than to build a healthy relationship. But what you’ll see from me is trying to practice what I preach and put my best foot forward each and every day.” 

On an Instagram post by @bachelornationscoop, fans expressed their displeasure with Dale. “To keep talking about it only shows that you’re guilty of something, and you want to save your image by apologizing constantly.” He finished the IG posts with a quote from @createwithlove’ Love does not go anywhere if the container of the relationship changes.”

Dale moss and clare
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No Love For Dale

Others noticed Dale did not deny the cheating rumors that have been going around. Fans pointed out he was not handling the breakup well and cared too much about his public image.” He’s just digging himself a bigger hole at this point. Now Clare looks like the normal one, which says something” One pointed out he was doing the video for his new website which just launched. According to page @notskinnybutnotfat, the former athlete has a new website called The Dale Moss Brand. “Ewww. This is why I can’t even watch the show anymore. It’s all influencers and people creating their own “brand” now.”

According to a Reddit thread from R/Bachelor on the matter, Bachelor Nation was not ready to side with the former athlete. They said, “I think he should have stayed quiet. He said nothing other than that he is “going through it, too.”

Clearly, he only put this out because he was getting called out for looking far too happy since the breakup. The Dale Moss brand needs to get new PR.” Another wrote on the same thread. “lmao, he lost at least 10K, so I guess now he felt the need to say this to save face, lol. Also, his whole “took some time” that was like 12 hours of a social media pause lol” It seems Dale had to make the video since he looked very unbothered about his and Clare’s relationship after the breakup posts.

Are you ready for Dale to stop talking about the breakup? Let us know in the comments. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite Bachelor stars.

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