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‘Bachelorette:’ Zac Clark Shows Tayshia Adams Sober Life Is Fun

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Bachelorette contestant Zac Clark became engaged to Tayshia Adams, and many ABC fans like them as a couple. But at one stage, rumors ran around that he failed with his sobriety during the filming of the show. And some of them thought his addiction background might place a strain on their future together. After all, Tayshia drinks alcohol. But it looks like the couple got that covered. And Zac seems determined to show her that life without alcohol life can be a lot of fun.

Bachelorette couple Zac Clark and Tayshia Adams won’t avoid non-sober people

We reported that rumors ran around that during the filming of the show, Zac probably sipped some alcohol. But he denied it quite vigorously. And in fact, one day, when Tayshia opted for a non-alcoholic drink in support of him, he knew how special she was. Notably, while it seemed possible he drank some champagne, he opted for apple cider. Or ginger ale. Even Tayshia spoke up for him, saying, “Regardless, who’s going to claim that they’re sober and then when it comes to a toast, be like, ‘Just one glass of champagne!'”

Zac Clark remained sober for ten years now. So, the chances of backsliding seem remote. And his friends and Tayshia apparently have his back. Zac never hid his previous addiction problems from Tayshia, who seemed so supportive. In fact, The Bachelorette lead even asked him if it was okay to imbibe while he sipped something non-alcoholic. And he told her it’s not a problem. Now, he talked about how people who drink don’t live their lives in a cocoon. And they also live a fun and quality life. So, he and Tayshia won’t avoid people who drink.

Tayshia has no direct experience of living with sobriety

E! Online reported that Zac opened up about his sobriety and Tayshia. And he noted that just because people don’t drink, that doesn’t make them “wet blankets.” So he slowly introduces his new fiance to other people who live with sobriety. And many of them live with people who drink. So, it’s not like she deals with it all alone. The reveal came on the Whine Down podcast on January 24.

Zac said that and Tayshia gets to know his sober friends. So, they plan a trip away with them. And, he likes that his Bachelorette girl sees that she can connect with them as well. And, he described how they all have a “s–tload of fun.” Notably, Tayshia won’t be alone as “there’s other people out there,” in the same situation. So, certainly, it seems that they discussed this very thoroughly.

Hopefully, The Bachelorette couple successfully navigates their future together as Zac Clark lives his sober life with Tayshia Adams.

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