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Dale Moss Addresses Clare Crawley Split In Heartfelt, Positive NEW Message

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Dale Moss has been drug through the wringer since announcing his breakup with The Bachelorette Clare Crawley. He’s been accused of cheating and using the show to gain more fame. However, those close to Dale say that is all simply not true. His sister even surprised him in New York to cheer him up following her brother’s very public breakup. Now, Dale is speaking out and addressing his fans further about this split from Clare.

Dale Moss addresses Clare Crawley split in new video

Dale went to his Instagram Story to share a video with fans about his breakup with Clare. His post was very positive and appeared heartfelt. He said he finally feels comfortable addressing the situation on social media after having more time to process everything.

Dale said the past two weeks have been terribly hard. And, he realizes many people have seen him online smiling and think he doesn’t care. Dale said that is the farthest thing from the truth. He said this time has “sucked.” He said he loves Clare and has nothing but respect for her. Dale also said like everyone else he wanted the relationship to work out.

Dale continued saying that trying to make a relationship work in the public is even harder. He said he wanted nothing more than to have a healthy relationship with Clare. He also said he put his heart and soul into it every single day. Dale also addressed the media and how sometimes they run with a story and often it’s lies. He wants to make sure everyone knows there is not one person to blame in this situation.

Dale went on saying he is thankful for all the encouraging messages he has received following split. He also thanked everyone for their support. Specifically, he mentioned how thankful he is for family and friends who have helped him through this difficult time. He basically said they have carried him the past two plus weeks.

Dale said it’s all going to take time. While it is difficult he said he will practice what he preaches. He will put his best foot forward all while trying to be happy and positive. He ended once again thanking everyone for the support.

Dale also posted a quote which says, “Love doesn’t go anywhere when the container of a relationship changes.”

They way they were

Fans were shocked and saddened when Dale announced his split from Clare. When she spoke out about the breakup she said how incredibly devastated she feels.

They met while she was briefly The Bachelorette. After only two weeks together, Dale proposed. They have seemed happy and in love. Nobody is quite sure what went wrong. Dale has said the breakup is the healthiest thing for them both.

Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.


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