’90 Day Fiancé’s’ Andrew Attacks Amira’s Father On Instagram

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Andrew has not been a fan favorite during this season of 90 Day Fiancé. One reason is that he asked his girlfriend to fly to Mexico during a pandemic. It led to her being detained and deported after only three days.

Andrew Responds

During the recent episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Amira returned home to France after her detention. While this was happening, Andrew was in a hotel in Puerto Vallarta, figuring out how to translate Spanish. Out of the many calls he made from the resort he was in, one was to Amira’s father. This was their first meeting.

When the French native spoke to her father, he disapproved of her boyfriend. He said, “Andrew is responsible for all the trouble and panic we had in our family, and I think he is not the right man for you. If you continue with him, there will be a lot more mistakes like that. He will never change. That is a very selfish man. He must be a man. He is not a man!” Hamdi later said he had a bad feeling about Andrew and their relationship.

Andrew Attacks Amira’s Father

The man’s statements might have angered Andrew since he took to Instagram stories later to rant about him. Andrew attacks Amira’s father on Instagram without mincing his words. The kindergarten teacher has over 2000 followers on IG. “Amira’s father, Hamdi, has never met any of Amira’s boyfriends because he cycles in and out of homelessness. He is always begging for money (I have given to Amira’s family substantially) He is feckless, taking money, he has some delusion to believe he is the man. That’s some man right there… He has repeatedly tried to get his daughter on Tv. Big brother France and various others. Fame over anything.” Included in the post were photos of him and other children.

Andrew Attacks Amira's Father
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Fans Side With Amira

The California native also let something slip. “Also, Amira never called me or her father when she was detained. But she called someone. Y’all might be surprised to know who?”

When the 32-year-old spoke to Amira over FaceTime, he didn’t even seem curious about her experience. He avoided the topic and instead began bragging about all the activities he had planned on his trip. “Now that Amira is safe, the least I can do is take advantage of the situation and do a little self-care.”

Amira said she felt he was inconsiderate of her feelings. She had no room to express her feelings. Fans sided with the French native on @the90dayfiancetea post.” He was at the resort living it up while she was trying to recover from her trauma. He acted like he was the one that was detained.” Another said, “She has gone home, and he is enjoying his time in Mexico. Wow! he went from worry to he is having fun. Jerk. ”

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