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Mary Cosby Reveals How She Deals With Online Trolls Over ‘Unconventional’ Marriage

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Andy Cohen teased a new Real Housewives franchise at BravoCon in 2019. But fans were not expecting quite as much drama as they got with the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. One of the stars of the new Bravoholic obsession, Mary Cosby, got more than she bargained for, too. 

How did it feel to be the promotional hook before the season even aired? How does Mary Cosby deal with trolls? The Bravo newbie is answering those questions and more. 

Mary Cosby’s ‘Unconventional’ Marriage. 

Mary Cosby knows her marriage seems strange to some — no, most — people. Her husband, Robert Cosby Sr., used to be married to her grandmother. But she insists that her marriage isn’t all that unusual in cultures in other countries. 

When the RHOSLC trailer dropped in the weeks before its premiere date, the reality star newbie didn’t know her marriage would be the promotional selling point for the new series. As a result, she’s had to defend her marriage before fans even got a chance to know her or her story. 

She recently spoke to Us Weekly about her experience as a Real Housewife on a brand new franchise. She was thrown into the fire almost immediately. According to the RHOSLC star, she doesn’t “feel comfortable” with social media, making the notoriety of marrying her step-grandfather a “disappointment.” 

Furthermore, she doesn’t feel the show “set [her marriage] in a good light.” 

Not surprisingly, Mary Cosby received a lot of hate and criticism on social media due to her marriage.

How Does Mary Cosby Deal With The Hate? 

During the RHOSLC season premiere, Mary Cosby explained her marriage to the viewers. She said that her grandmother wanted the marriage to happen, for her granddaughter to take care of Robert Cosby Sr.

However, by that time, viewers already formed opinions about the idea of marrying someone you used to consider your grandfather. And Bravo fans weren’t shy in expressing their opinions on social media. 

In this day and age, reality stars are encouraged to have social media accounts and engage with followers. Mary Cosby handled it the best she could. She told Us Weekly that her response – or lack of response – varied. Some trolls she simply blocked. And others, she ignored completely. 

“I try to separate it and I try not to put emotion into it. … In my mind, I’m not here to make sense. I’m here to tell you, ‘This is what Mary is and this is what I’m about.’ And this is my story and you don’t have to accept it again.”

Not only did Mary Cosby deal with internet trolls, some of her co-stars kept throwing her marriage into her face. 

Mary Cosby Vs. Jen Shah

Throughout Season 1 of RHOSLC, Jen Shah and Mary Cosby butt heads. Jen Shah was offended by a comment Mary Cosby made about her sick relative. As a result, Jen Shah took every opportunity she could to lob an insult about Mary Cosby’s marriage. 

And their feud will likely continue to play out on the RHOSLC reunion and possibly Season 2. Andy Cohen recently spilled that the show will be back for another season, but will Mary Cosby or Jen Shah? Bravo is keeping mum on any casting shake-ups. 

Bravo has yet to officially announce an airdate for the RHOSLC reunion. But it will likely begin on Wednesday, February 10th. 

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