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Janelle Brown Still Loves The Snow In Flagstaff

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Janelle Brown enjoyed the first snow in Flagstaff this winter season. And clearly, the novelty never wore off for her since she arrived in Arizona. Now, she paused on her way out for a walk and took a photo of the snow as it piled up on the branches of a tree. The Sister Wives‘ star seems totally delighted with it despite fans waning her she might become rather sick of it.

Janelle Brown still enchanted by the snow in Flagstaff

Janelle and the rest of the Sister Wives family arrived in Flagstaff a couple of years ago now. We reported that fans warned her that snow might become tiresome after a while. When she spoke about snow arriving this year, some fans seemed amazed as they didn’t know it snows in Arizona. But Flagstaff sits up in the mountains, and they do get snow. When it comes, Janelle can’t wait to get out in it. In fact, she and Savanah took a walk in the new snow even though it was very slushy.

Actually, Janelle Brown seems to find everything delightful about the more natural surrounding in Arizona. In July last year, we noted that the TLC star became very involved in growing her own herbs. Plus, she enjoys getting out in the forests and hills with a guided group. Additionally, she became very interested in indigenous plants. Mind you, some fans who know she takes long walks warned her against bears in the area at certain times of the year. But, she doesn’t need to go far to find snow. It’s right on her doorstep.

Snow on the branches early in the morning

Up early, Janelle came across a lovely scene that showed snow on the branches of a tree just outside the house. Clearly, she felt it looked good enough for a photo. But sometimes, it’s tricky snapping good night shots. And it doesn’t help that her dogs are scared of the dark. In her caption, Kody Brown’s fourth wife explained, “My pups are afraid of the dark – true story – they are so pampered.”

Janelle Brown said that she went out “first thing in the morning.” Well, this time of the year, Flagstaff’s dark much later than in summer. So, because her pooches don’t like the dark, she switched on the light on the porch. Probably, it took some of the beauty away from the photo op. But she said that it’s also a way to snap a photo of the snow “other than with my eyes 😀😍❄️.”

Janelle Brown Still Loves Flagstaff Snow
Credit: Janelle Brown | Instagram

According to Current Results Weather, it only really stops snowing in Flagstaff in about April. So, there’s still plenty of time for Janelle Brown to enjoy more snowy mornings.

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