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Was The Reason For Danielle Busby’s Vague Health Updates Revealed?

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It’s possible the real reason why Danielle Busby and her husband Adam have been so vague about her health updates was just revealed. As we recently reported, the OutDaughtered Season 8 Premiere Date has been confirmed by TLC. And, it is coming faster than most of us expected. Turns out, however, one of the big features of Season 8 might be the reason for Danielle’s vague health updates.

Danielle Busby’s vague health updates frustrate fans

We know Danielle Busby got sick just before Thanksgiving. Adam took his wife to the hospital because she has a tingling sensation in her limbs. He shared a picture of his wife in the hospital bed on Instagram. She did not look too comfortable. Unfortunately, fans were not given much information beyond this before things returned to normal.

Adam and Danielle took their girls and traveled for the holidays. Fans were furious. They wanted more information on Danielle Busby’s health. Why give the hospital update and then offer nothing more?

Eventually Adam and Danielle did respond to frustrated fans. But, the answer didn’t offer much. Danielle Busby’s vague health update revealed she was having a lot of testing done. More recently, we know she had nerve testing down. And, she had a more invasive testing procedure done as well. But, it doesn’t appear as if Danielle has gotten any real answers about her health.

Adam and his wife ask for privacy

Adam and his wife Danielle ask for privacy amid the vague health updates. They ask for prayers, but do not want to go into details right now. They assure fans they will share more information when the time is right. But, right now, the time is not right. Danielle and Adam make it clear they do not have many answers yet. And, there is still a lot of testing to be done.

OutDaughtered Season 8 might be the reason for the elusiveness

As TLC confirmed OutDaughtered Season 8, we also learned Danielle’s health would play a role in the fresh episodes. So, it is possible Adam and Danielle actually know a lot more about what is going on with her health. It is possible they were not allowed to give details because of a NDA contract with TLC. The vague health updates on Instagram could have been simply to build hype on what might be wrong.

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After all, fans are dying to know what is wrong with Danielle Busby. A real health update with information on what is wrong with Danielle Busby is one way to hook the audience.

Now, we don’t know if Danielle Busby will learn what is wrong during Season 8. But, we suspect that is the real reason she has been so vague about the details. Are you looking forward to the new season of OutDaughtered? Stick with us for the latest Busby news.

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