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Amy Roloff Blasted By Fans For Using Instagram Filters

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Amy Roloff just wanted to have some fun in the kitchen. Her fans just wanted to see her true self.

When the Little People Big World star posted a recent picture on Instagram, she likely thought she’d get questions about what she was making. Instead, she got an awful lot of followers asking, and sometimes begging her, to not use filters on her pictures.

Alongside herself and friend Debi, Amy posted a caption talking about what the pair were kicking up. However, it was her comment that Debi always makes her “look good in a photo” that seemed to set off a backlash.

She desperately wanted to talk about cooking and teaching others posting, “I can’t wait to cook with her again very soon. Looking forward to having a few other people in my little kitchen, via zoom, and cooking with them as well.” But her millions of followers had other things on their minds.

No Filters For Amy Roloff Please!

Things started off tame enough. One user told Amy she liked the “original looking you.” However, pretty soon, the comments were a bit harsher.

“Wow ladies waaaay too much filter,” wrote another user.

Another poster had similar sentiments saying, “I like it when you publish your photos without filters.” The user added that the filters the Little People Big World star used make both women look “plastic.”

“No filters please. You are not fake and that’s why we love you,” yet another follower wrote.

Credit: Amy Roloff / Instagram

Another fan went one step further than just complaining about filters. They said the picture looked “photoshopped.” A user then replied to the original poster that it was. It’s not clear if the fan thought Amy used more effects than a filter, or simply considered filters a part of photoshopping.

Whatever users believed Amy did to the picture, it was clear they weren’t happy with the effects. One of the things that has made the Little People Big World star so popular on social media is that she tends not to enhance her photos. They don’t usually look retouched. The fact that the picture with Debi clear was worked on, upset her most strident supporters.

Filters a Flash Point Again

It’s possible Amy didn’t know what she was stepping into. Social media influencers using filters has long been a point of contention.

Some believe there’s no harm in using them. They believe that if the content producer likes them, then they should get to use them. However, other social media users think filters promote an unhealthy lifestyle.

Those advocates believe young men and women see their favorite influencer using those filters, and don’t realize it. They then develop an unhealthy expectation about what people should look like on social media.

The good news is that Amy Roloff usually doesn’t stray into this controversy. It’s likely one night of filter backlash will be enough for her.

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