Mama June Road To Redemption Alana tackles her mom

‘Mama June: Road To Redemption’ Alana Tackles Her Mom

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Mama June: Road To Redemption dropped a trailer revealing Alana tackling her mom. Fans finally see her confront her mom about destroying her life with drugs. So, it looks every bit as emotional as the Family Crisis season. The show returns in March. While not a pretty scene, no doubt fans tune in as so many storylines remain untold.

Mama June: Road To Redemption announced by June Shannon

We reported that June Shannon took to her Instagram and announced the show returns in March. Since then, a new trailer emerged. It looks like the show picks up where the last season ended. Recall, Pumpkin and June hashed things out in the studio. And, she finally agreed to go into rehab. The full disclosure of the costs of June’s addiction became public knowledge. Meanwhile, Alana freaked out and told Jennifer and Sugar Bear she hated the idea of living with them. But fans never saw Alana talking with her mom.

Now, a short trailer dropped for Mama June: Road To Redemption. The name alone, tells WEtv fans that they still follow June with her drug addiction problems. Of course, if you follow the family on Instagram, you know that June recently celebrated nearly a year drug-free. And she hopes that soon she gets a job working with rehab people. Plus, she seems in a much better place. But it seems the new show backtracks from there. Probably, WEtv shot it soon after the last season ended.

Mama June Road To Redemption Alana
Mama June Road To Redemption Alana – WEtv

Alana tackles her mom and cries

Sometime after the last season ended, Alana met with her mom. The new trailer reveals her talking with June. In the short clip. she cries and says, “Why wasn’t you there in the moments I needed you most?” Well, Alana might understand the damage drugs wreak in families, but she’s still so very young. Just 15 years old now, she went through a traumatic time. And, WEtv fans felt that June acted very selfishly.

In fact in the Mama June: Road To Redemption trailer, June acknowledges that. She told Alana, “I know that I was selfish.” Actually, it seems she really hopes her daughter gives her a new shot at redeeming herself. June Shannon said, “everyone deserves a second chance. I just hope it’s not too late” She also told Alana that she “hit rock bottom,” and that’s why she abandoned her.

Mama June Shannon hopes for a second chance
Mama June Shannon hopes for a second chance – WEtv

Meanwhile, it’s not clear if the show reveals any happy moments. The Hollywood Gossip notes that for now, Alana still lives with Pumpkin and goes to school. At least she manages a “somewhat normal adolescence.” Fans still hope that one day, June returns to her family. But for now, she lives in Florida with Geno and works on her health and fitness there.

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