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Lexi Martone Says She’s Not Changing For Anyone

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Lexi Martone is an inspiration to a lot of women. She now shares she finally feels comfortable in her body. The nail artist had weight loss surgery and lost 120 pounds. On the show, she talked about how much confidence she’d found. Going to shows now where she has to be the model doesn’t bother her as much.

A fan said, “shoutout to Lexi for being the healthiest role model I’ve come across in a long time. Giving me that push to get on that weight loss train.” Lexi responded, “I need to inspire myself to get back on my summer diet.” 

Lexi is a funny girl. Her Twitter bio says, “I paint nails, video my life and harass the Mets to let me paint their cleats. “In an interview for TLC Lexi answered some questions. She said if she could be another family member for the day she would be Foxy. “I just kind of want to know what goes through her head.” She also wants to be her because she can eat whatever she wants and stay tiny.

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Lexi Martone Responds To Her Fans

Lexi Martone and especially her mom, Jen Martone, are very responsive to their fans. Martone responds on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. One commented, “I love Lexi so much her personality and everything. Just wish she would do something different with her hair to show that beautiful face.”

Lexi appreciated the comment but stands firm on her hairstyle. She said, “thanks, I’ve had bangs for 28 years and they ain’t going nowhere.” The fan told her whatever made her happy was fine with her. Fans shared how much they love her and her family. Everyone is happy Season 2 is on and the girls are back despite pandemic restrictions.

TikTok, Lexi Martone

She Danced With Her Friends And A Wine Bottle

Lexi Martone has been more active on TikTok lately. She danced with her two best friends and shared expectations versus reality. The reality was of them dancing somewhat uniform. The expectation was a lot funnier. Lexi put a caption that said, “all of TikTok is dumb.” One fan commented, “the reality was way better.” Lexi agreed. They also did the trend where they sang Nelly’s, “Dilemma,” and Lexi sang into a wine bottle while the other two popped up for the backup vocals.

Lexi has been steadily growing her TikTok account since the show returned. Her account has almost thirty thousand followers while her sister Bria has just over four thousand. This is probably since Jen and Foxy show up on Lexi’s account often. What do you think of Lexi’s bangs? What do you think of Lexi’s TikTok dances? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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