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‘Unexpected’ Star Might Be Looking For Unusual Income Sources

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Unexpected star Myrka Cantu might be hatching an interesting scheme to make some money. According to Meaww.com, the pregnant teen is thinking about selling her placenta on the black market, after she gives birth.

In the January 17 episode of Unexpected, Myrka and her boyfriend, Ethan’s mother are preparing for a barbeque. While they’re casually chatting in preparation, Myrka started talking about how rich in vitamins the placenta can be. She then tells Ethan’s mom that she’s been considering selling the placenta on the black market.

Unsurprisingly, the comment draws little more than confusion from the older woman. She responds she’s never heard of doing such a thing.

The Placenta Trend

Thinking about what to do with the placenta after a child’s birth isn’t new. There has been a corner of society for decades that believes eating the organ is quite healthy. The movement gained steam in the last few years thanks to social media influencers.

Most recently, the Kardashian clan argued in favor of ingesting the organ, though in slightly different ways. Kim has long been a huge advocate for eating the placenta. However, after eating it the first time, she announced she would freeze-dry it and have it made into pill form after the birth of her second child.

Likewise, sister Kourtney divulged in 2015 she had the placenta after her third child turned into pills. However, those approaches differ from what Myrka appears to at least be considering. Some fans believe the reality star is looking for cash, rather than good health.

‘Unexpected’ Star’s Potential Plan

Myrka is certainly in a different situation than her reality television counterparts. Because she became pregnant, she was cast out of her own house by her family.

She’s now living with Ethan at his parents’ house. So far the welcome has been warm.

However, there are some who believe that Myrka is concerned about things changing. If the situation does deteriorate, the reality star might be wondering where her next paycheck is coming from.

Even if she does manage to patch things up with her own family, it’s clear Myrka isn’t confident she can depend on them.

Last week’s episode of Unexpected saw her mother, Lillian came to the baby’s gender reveal party. The appearance was clearly meant as a show of support to her daughter as everyone moves closer to the arrival of the infant.

However, even with some fences being mended, there’s a lot of hard feelings all around in the Cantu family. When a parent kicks their child out of the house, it’s hard to walk that back.

Unexpected fans might be a bit worried about Myrka’s comments. However, it’s worth noting that so far, she hasn’t made any move really investigate selling her placenta. On the black market or otherwise.

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