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‘Sister Wives’: Did Meri Brown Throw Wrench Into Robyn’s Dream?

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown doesn’t seem to share the same dream that Robyn Brown or the other two co-wives share and it shows. It seems as if her position as the first wife of this plural marriage had a lot to do with who else joined this Sister Wives marriage along the way.

Meri became the first wife of Kody Brown with two more joining the union before Robyn joined as wife number four. Meri is also the only wife to live in both a monogamous marriage and a plural marriage with today’s shared husband. So, it seems this plan to bring more women into their lives and make this a Sister Wives family was done with major input from Meri Brown.

Sister Wives – Meri Brown Opens Door To More Ladies

Originally, the second wife of the Sister Wives clan was not going to be Janelle Brown. It seems Kody and Meri courted a 17-year-old girl. They announced Kody’s engagement to this girl once the unnamed teen turned 18.

Christine Brown, who was only a friend of Kody and Meri’s back then, introduced the girl to the couple in the first place. It seems Christine had her world implode when she heard the news of this engagement.

While she hung out with the Sister Wives original couple, she secretly wanted to become one of Kody’s wives. So, Christine endured the heartache and pretty much stayed homebound after her dreams were crushed. She even told her father if any requests for courting her came in, just to say no.

Sister Wives - Janelle Brown and Christine Brown

Amazingly for Christine, the Sister Wives family wasn’t meant to grow just yet. A week before the wedding, Meri to tell her the wedding was off. So, once again Christine thought she was in the running, But no, her marriage to Kody wasn’t in the cards yet.

Who Is Janelle?

The Sister Wives family grew into a bona fide plural marriage when Janelle Brown came on board. This was the birth of Kody Brown’s Sister Wives family. It seems Janelle didn’t have to change her last name to Brown because she was previously the legal wife of Kody’s brother.

The story goes that she married one brother but found out later on it was the other brother she was meant to be with.  After her divorce, it seems Janelle told Kody she would like to join him and Meri in holy matrimony. And… she did.

So, Christine was passed up twice as a possible wife for Kody and Meri. Christine finally got her chance once she started hanging out with them again. She approached Kody about becoming his third wife, much like Janelle did to become his second wife.

Sister Wives Robyn Brown

So, now there were three wives in this family. It would take another decade before wife number four surfaced.

Sister Wives fans witnessed the courtship of Robyn Brown when the show rolled out its first season. It certainly was interesting – interesting enough to have millions tune in for the second season of the Sister Wives series.

Sister Wives – Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, And Robyn Brown Join Up

So, it seems the Sister Wives spouses came together more like a business comes together. Two of the ladies approached Kody about joining his family before they held a hand or shared a kiss with their prospective husband. Meri Brown oversaw all of this, the courting and then the weddings.

Each of Kody’s Sister Wives ladies who came after Meri came with high hopes about this unconventional lifestyle. The women stressed how it was equally as important to them to have a close relationship with their sister wives as being a wife to Kody. It might have even been more important for one or two of the ladies.

Through all the Sister Wives “Tell All” episodes, as well as interviews, this was Robyn Brown’s stand. She wanted that closeness with the other women and that she thought came along with co-wives.

But that didn’t seem to be the criteria for Meri Brown. The five adults in this Sister Wives family wrote a book together several years ago. This best-seller, “Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage,” offered a treasure trove of information. The book delved into all four wives and Kody Brown long before they had the TLC cameras following them around.

But Meri’s Ideas Were Different

While Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown all stressed that they married the other wives as well, Meri seemed to talk around that point. The other three wives had a theory that they would be close with their sister wives. Again, this seemed to be Robyn’s motto when explaining her take on plural marriage through the many interviews. She had to know these women would eventually be to be near and dear to her before saying “I do” to their shared husband.

While each time the wives expressed what they hoped for from their sister wives sounded lovely, Meri sang a different tune. In the Sister Wives book when asked if she would be friends with Janelle even if they hadn’t entered into the same marriage. Meri danced around the question but described how she and Janelle probably wouldn’t have become friends.

Sister Wives Kody Brown

It sounds as if Meri and Janelle settled on a place where each one learned to tolerate the other. Meri has been on the outs with the other two co-wives as well as Janelle. Where the other three seem to want to count on each other when they’re down, that doesn’t seem the same for Meri. Even today as Meri hits the milestone of her 50th birthday, it doesn’t appear things changed much.

Sister Wives – Robyn Brown Hit Hardest?

Other than a friendship that she and Robyn formed when they first met, Meri doesn’t appear to have friendships with the co-wives. Even Robyn and Meri grew apart. They shared a friendship before Robyn’s marriage but that fell to pieces not long after Robyn married Kody. Since Meri had a lot of control over who Kody married you would think this wouldn’t happen. Not with all three women.

This fallout with Meri was like throwing a grow bar into the spokes of Robyn’s wheel. She came to the family wanted more than anything to have that sister wives’ experience but instead, it seems this Sister Wives star got something different.

It doesn’t appear she checked out her own compatibility with each woman before bringing them on board. Other than Robyn, it sounded as if Kody didn’t lust after Janelle or Christine when they first met.

This book describes how all four women came to be the wife of Kody Brown. Surprisingly enough, love didn’t appear to be the main factor for either Kody or his wives. But despite thinking the relationships with the other wives were just as important, it looks like that didn’t pan out that way as well.

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