Life After Lockup: John Miller - Kristianna Roth

‘Life After Lockup’: Did Kristianna’s Sister & John Do the Deed?

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Life After Lockup spoilers tease the return of John Miller and Kristianna Roth – but it looks like he may have eyes for her sister instead. Kristianna turned herself in the last time viewers saw her. And now, it looks like John didn’t have to look far to find someone new.

Life After Lockup: John Miller & Kristianna Roth the New Bonnie & Clyde?

Ever since WEtv introduced John Miller and Kristianna Roth on the WEtv show, they embraced the Bonnie and Clyde moniker. When Kristianna first got out of the clink, it was an “us against the world” attitude for the pair. And because they both have a criminal history, it was easy for them to gravitate toward Bonnie and Clyde – the notorious criminal couple. And there’s more of that to come on the Life After Lockup season.

Meanwhile, things went from bad to worse for Kristianna almost as soon as she was out of the clink. She bailed on the halfway house she was at – and John Miller feared the worst. He feared that Kristianna Roth went back to drugs. In addition, her mother even said on camera that she struggles with her addiction. At one point, she said the “demons” got her.

Life After Lockup: John Miller - Kristianna Roth
Life After Lockup: John Miller – Kristianna Roth/WEtv

John Finding Comfort Close to Home?

Life After Lockup spoilers for the rest of the spinoff season tease some major bombshells in John Miller’s storyline with Kristianna Roth. At some point in upcoming episodes, she is out of jail. And the lovebirds even do a full-costume Bonnie and Clyde shoot. But based on the latest teasers, it looks like John found someone new while Kristianna was locked away.

Life After Lockup spoilers show Kristianna Roth’s sister cozying up to John Miller – and it looks like they’re more than friendly with one another. John moved Kristianna’s mom and sister into his house. And it seems he got a little something extra when it came to her sister.

Life After Lockup: John Miller - Terra
Life After Lockup: John Miller – Terra/WEtv

Life After Lockup: John Ruins Things with Kristianna?

Based on Life After Lockup teasers, it looks like John Miller and Kristianna Roth’s sister may be something serious. In addition to the way she straddles him in previews, he asks her what they’re going to do about this situation. And it certainly looks like they did the deed behind Kristianna’s back.

John Miller and Kristianna Roth had a rocky start from the very beginning. He proposed and got married to her as soon as she got out – and she almost didn’t make it in time to the halfway house because of it. Meanwhile, her finding out about John Miller and her sister would only add to the instability of the situation. So this is a major storyline to follow as the rest of the WEtv season unfolds. Certainly, it’s sure to be a high-drama situation.

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