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‘Unexpected’: Chloe’s Mom Jessica Rips TLC Over Todd

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Unexpected Season 2 fans saw that Chloe Mendoza’s mom Jessica and Max Schenzel’s dad Todd didn’t get along. They also know that Max, now in jail, also got a chilly reception from her. He also ended up in jail just like his son. So, that made it even worse. Now, Jessica slammed TLC for allowing Todd’s defense of Max. And she vowed they won’t return to the show ever again.

Unexpected Chloe’s mom Jessica sounds furious with TLC over Todd

Naturally, Chloe’s family felt very unhappy about Max Schenzel’s two arrests. It seems like he followed his dad into run-ins with the law. A reminder: Todd Schenzel’s dad faced multiple charges. And these included, “auto theft, forgery, and issuing bad checks,” we reported. He spent years behind bars and paid fines. But the TLC show never revealed that. So, fans saw that Chloe and her mom Jessica sounded unreasonable.

Now, Unexpected mom Jessica, spoke up and said they feel thoroughly sick and tired of TLC. Chloe and her family always look like the bad guys. And, that’s the angle the network chose. @tlcunexpectedtea on Instagram shared a comment that she made on one of their posts. Very angry, she lashed out at TLC after they allowed Todd with a dodgy past onto the show in defense of Max.

Angry Jessica comments

In her comment, Jessica said that Todd never even tried being a part of baby Ava’s life. He doesn’t send birthday greetings, Christmas presents, or make phone calls.  And yet he blames them for not letting him be a grandpa. She ranted because people always side against her and Chloe as they think Todd’s the “victim.” Even the “updates” that involved other girls talking between themselves revealed Todd looking for a pity-party.

Unexpected mom Jessica felt it wrong that TLC never had anyone else defending their sons’ actions. But they allowed Todd on the show to “contradict” everything Chloe went through. She feels that TLC should have rather used the opportunity for other teens in bad situations. Instead, knowing what Chloe went through, they took another angle. So, she declared that she and Chloe won’t ever reappear on the show.

Unexpected Chloe mom Jessica on Todd
tlcunexpectedtea | Instagram

Fans now side with Jessica

In the comments section, many fans expressed their anger in support of Jessica and Chloe. In fact, they agree that Todd seems like a hopeless grandpa. One person also slammed him for keeping quiet about Max and his bad drug addiction. They wrote, “He knew just how bad Max’s problems were and didn’t say sh*t to chloe, letting her walk right into the line of fire.”

Another Unexpected fan noted that Max gave out “bad vibes” from the first episode. And a lot of people think that Todd obviously set his son a very bad example in life.

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