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‘General Hospital’ Drama-Filled Early Spoilers For Next 2 Weeks

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Plotline teasers for the next two weeks on General Hospital reveal a number of questions and plenty of drama to come our way. How will Willow choose between Chase and Michael? Will Carly and Jason discover that Sonny is alive? Why is Liz so upset over the coming weeks? Let’s explore some GH plotline predictions and spoilers for January 11 to January 22.

Carly and Jason concerned about Sonny

While viewers know Sonny is alive, Carly and Jason will have no idea over the next two weeks. In the coming days, Jason will meet with Brick and will probably launch a more effective search. However, as time goes by, Carly and Jason start to lose hope. In fact, Carly will have to make a hard decision this week as to whether she should organize a memorial for Sonny.

General Hospital star Maurice Benard as Sonny
General Hospital star Maurice Benard as Sonny [Image @generalhospitalabc/Instagram]

Ava uncovers a secret

Meanwhile, according to General Hospital spoilers, Ava will unexpectedly stumble over a secret this week. Will this be the discovery of the safe house where Carly is holding Bobbie and Cyrus’s mother? More spoilers for the week of January 18 tease that Bobbie will try to distract Ava. Is Spencer hoping to detract from Ava’s interest so she doesn’t discover Carly’s secret?

Cyrus seeks an opportunity to nab Jason

Meanwhile, Cyrus won’t find his mother, but he will look for an opportunity to get Jason. Will he find Sonny before Carly and Jason do? Maybe he could use Sonny as leverage to get his mother back? Cyrus will be working on this problem over the next two weeks and hates being placed in a corner.

Carly and Jason could hook up

General Hospital fans know that Carly and Jason have always been close. In fact, they had a romance in the early years of their friendship, long ago. However, if Carly has to plan a memorial service for Sonny, she could break down due to stress. Could Jason and Carly cross a line? Even though Sonny has only been missing for a couple of weeks, GH writers do appear to hint at a Jarly hookup.

Alexis and Ned exposed for their fling

In another reference to a one-night stand, teasers point to Ned and Alexis being exposed for their fling. When the truth is revealed, Olivia will lose her mind and probably move out of the Quartermaine mansion, taking Leo with her. As Sam could be behind exposing the fling, will she offer Olivia a place to stay? This could be a good reason for Dante to stop by for a visit.

Sam and Dante getting closer

Both Sam and Dante and are suddenly single parents. Could this pair get into a friendship that turns into something more? They could make an amazing General Hospital super couple and only time will tell.

Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) and Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) of General Hospital
Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) and Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) of General Hospital [Image @ kelly_m23 and @dominiczamprogna1/Instagram]

Sam and Dante bond by helping Olivia

Should Olivia need a place to stay, she could end up staying with Sam or Dante. As they are connected by Leo, by helping out Olivia they could run into each other even more. On top of this, Sam might feel responsible for Olivia’s problems, because of what her mother (Alexis) did. She is likely to help out Olivia with anything she needs.

Alexis gets scared sober

When Alexis realizes all the pain her drinking has caused, she might decide to give it up for good. In fact, General Hospital spoilers for the week of January 18 tease that she will be making amends all over town. Who could be first on her list for apologies? Maybe Olivia or Sam?

Can Willow make a choice?

This coming week will see Willow still feeling conflicted but she will finally make a choice in the week of January 18th.  Spoilers hint that Michael might consider making his move when Willow makes her decision known. Could she choose Chase, or maybe ask for more time? Alternatively, she could decide to be single for a while.

Willow Tait and Nina Reeves on General Hospital
Willow Tait and Nina Reeves [Image General Hospital/YouTube]

Liz is upset with Jason and Franco

According to teasers for the week of January 18, Liz will be mad at both Jason and Franco. Is this because she learns about their secret plan? First, she’ll confront her husband and then, days later, her ex. Whatever happens, will Liz get Jason to promise not to ax Franco should he get out of hand?

Britt and her half-brother

During the week of January 18, Britt’s attitude towards her half-brother will change. Will Liesl fill her in or does she overhear something August says? Whatever it is, Peter is sure to have another enemy coming. They may be siblings, but Westbourne was close to Nate. Should she find out that Peter set her mom up, she will be mad. Maybe she will expose August for what he truly is?

Portia and Curtis

As Jordan and Curtis drift apart, will Portia and Curtis come together? At present, they are friends, but they will be looking to each other more over the coming days. General Hospital spoilers tease and Portia will bond with Curtis in the coming weeks, but as asked by Fame 10, will they cross a line?

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