Bria Martone Faces Backlash For Wedding After Father’s Loss

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Fans were quick to drag Bria Martone online for planning a wedding while her family was still mourning the loss of Big Mike. The Unpolished star wanted her mother to go all out for her shower decor and event. Despite the financial challenges, she was not willing to postpone her wedding date from the 12th.

Bria’s Wedding

On the recent Unpolished Season 2, Jennifer Martone and Bria were sorting through three hundred invitations. The wedding with Matt Mancuso was going to go on as planned despite the family challenges.

Big Mike had been involved in planning the wedding before his death and wanted to walk Bria down the aisle.  With COVID restrictions, however, the wedding was going to be more expensive. “Not only can the pandemic put limitations on everything, but I’m nervous I won’t be able to afford what Big Mike was planning for Bria for her bridal shower, never mind her wedding.”

Bria and Matt wanted a considerable amount for their wedding, which did not sit well with the viewers. “Bria is a selfish-brat. She wants a 100k wedding that they can’t afford. She is living in a dream. All for that cheat-ass junkie boyfriend smh” Jenniffer revealed her frustration with all the bills coming in after Big Mike’s death. 

The reality star said she never paid much attention to their finances before.  “I didn’t even know we had these kinds of bills or a mortgage. I thought the mortgage was paid off.”

Bria Martone

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Bria Martone Gets Called Out

Lexi Martone has never tried to hide her dislike for Matt. “I don’t really see this wedding happening. Stop rushing. We can still find you someone else…I guess the only good thing about Corona is that the wedding won’t happen,” she says.

In the house, Jeniffer had to do her best to keep Matt away from Lexi, so they don’t get into an argument. “I’m just going to tolerate him, for now, to keep the peace with my mum and Bria.”

The two sisters got in a heated argument when Lexi proposed they postpone her wedding to pay more pressing bills like the mortgage. Lexi started, “So you get married, then you can’t pay the bills at the salon, and we get evicted…” Bria finished with a harsh statement to her sister,” This is my wedding, and I’m getting it whether you like it or not.” 

Fans called Bria out for being irresponsible to want a costly wedding during a pandemic. “Bria, why should you think about postponing? 1. There’s a pandemic, 2. You don’t have a steady income, 3. Your father just passed away, and none of you are in a good place, 4. It’s not going to work anyway, 5. There’s a pandemic.”

Other viewers said, “Bria would rather bankrupt her mother than postpone her wedding.” Another adds, “Bria is selfish for this one.”

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