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‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown’s Baby Shower Guest List Infuriates Fans

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown is about to become a first-time biological grandmother and her cup runneth over with joy today. Of course, she wants to hold a baby shower for her daughter Mykelti Brown Padron. This Sister Wives mom is all about celebrating life’s milestones. Christine is the organizer for most of her Sister Wives family parties and outings. So naturally, she took on Mykelti’s baby shower.

Sister Wives – Christine Brown Reveals Guest List And Fans Cringe

Her fans commend the kindness of this future grandmother but many don’t seem very welcoming about the guest list to this baby shower. It seems Christine has invited the world. She set the date for a virtual baby shower next month for Mykelti and Tony Padron.

So she tells her Sister Wives followers to save the date of February 13. She also claims she’s doing this due to the requests from fans. But those who follow this Sister Wives mom on social media don’t seem at all enthused.

Sure, some fans piped up to say they were happy Christine Brown did this and to count them in. But it seems many of the fans who commented on Christine’s social media invite thought this was “tacky.”

 Baby Shower Maybe… But Sending Gifts…?

Christine did say you don’t have to send gifts, as apparently, that’s optional. But when this mom-of-six passes along where Mykelti is registered for gifts, the Sister Wives followers felt this was too much. Christine writes that you are under no obligation to send a gift. But just in case you want to you can find Mykelti registered at both Target and Amazon.

That’s probably what brought on the “tacky” comment along with a slew of other disparaging thoughts. Sister Wives fans are thrilled for Mykelti and Tony. But they aren’t thrilled with Christine expecting them to spend their hard-earned money on gifts for reality stars.

Sister Wives - Tony Padron - Mykelti Brown Padron.Baby Bump

Christine declared gifts optional. But it didn’t sound genuine to fans when in the next line she rambled off where the couple is registered for baby items the couple needs.

Sister Wives – Fans Blame Christine and Kody Brown

This comes on the heels of Christine attempting to get her fans to buy as much of her LuLaRoe clothing as they could several months back. Christine appealed to her Sister Wives fan base to help her raise money by doing this.  She needed to pay a $50,000 copay for her daughter’s surgery.

This too caused an uproar aimed at Kody for not carrying a reasonably priced health insurance plan on his daughter. Fans were bowled over when they heard what Christine needed to pay. And she turned to her fans to help her raise this.

Sister Wives - Christine Brown Leaves Up Christmas Tree

This Sister Wives family cries money problems but they all drive luxury cars and live in luxury houses. They take family trips to Disney but their finances are in ruin. Fans hear them but they don’t see the evidence of struggles with money.

So some fans got really testy with Christine online. They called this baby shower manipulative as they attempt to get more freebies out of their fans. While a few people did come to Christine’s defense, you could see that the majority of the comments pointed the finger of shame at this Sister Wives mom for concocting this baby shower.

Instead, why not give Mykelti a shower and the fans the gift of seeing a video of the event. Instead, it sounds like Mykelti and Tony will sit and open the gifts fans sent them.  Oh, Christine did say she’s also sending them gifts to open and surprises for the Sister Wives fans to see.

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