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Savannah & Chase Chrisley Wish Julie The Best Birthday

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Savannah & Chase Chrisley wished their mom Julie a wonderful birthday on January 12. Actually, a lot of confusion reigns about her actual birth date. Nevertheless, their two posts seemed genuine, so let’s surmise she celebrated very recently. It seems that she’s about 48-years-old this month.

Savannah & Chase Chrisley post on Instagram for Julie’s birthday

We reported that the actual day that Julie Chrisley arrived on planet Earth seems a bit confusing. And, it became even more confusing when Chase shared about her birthday early. His sister Savannah told him he got the date wrong. So, he removed the post. But we also noted that Google’s not clear about her day of birth. However, other sites suggest it comes on January 9. What fans do know, is that all sites list her as born in 1973.

It actually seems a bit of a “Bizarre mystery,” as to why the date might not come with some clarity. We noted that “for some reason, it looks as if the Chrisley family wishes to keep Julie Chrisley’s birthday a secret. After all, none of the sources reporting January 9th as her date of birth are completely credible.” Well, whenever it is, it seems that comes sometime between January 9 and January 12. Savannah & Chase Chrisley shared about it on Tuesday, January 12.

Todd also shared about Julie’s  birthday on January 12

Maybe everyone got it wrong and Julie actually celebrates her birthday on January 12. That’s because Todd, the patriarch of Chrisley Knows Best also posted about her birthday on Tuesday. And clearly, she’s 48 this year as Radar Online reported she previously married Kenneth Wayne Childress at the age of 18 in 1991. Some nice messages went her way from her husband and two eldest children.

Savannah said on her Instagram, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most amazing woman that I know. Mama…you are seriously a freaking unicorn!” The owner of Sassy Savannah added, “I hope and pray every day that I become more and more like you every day. Thank you for being YOU.”

Meanwhile, Chase Chrisley wrote, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most beautiful woman inside and out that i have the pleasure of calling my mama!! Have an amazing day!! I love you!!”

And Todd echoed Savannah & Chase Chrisley with a nice message. He wrote, “Happy Birthday to the greatest wife, mother, friend, daughter n law, and just overall best human alive. I love you @juliechrisley with all my heart and to the moon and back.”

Savannah Chase Chrisley Plus Todd Julie Birthday

Fans also wish Julie Chrisley a nice birthday

Many Chrisley Knows Best fans also sent in their birthday congratulations. Clearly, they don’t care when she was born. USA Network fans just love her and wish her everything of the best just like her very own family. Do you agree that’s what counts? Sound off in the comments below.

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