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‘My 600-lb Life’ Update: Where is Lindsey Witte Now?

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My 600-lb Life cast member Lindsey Witte had no choice but to turn to Dr. Nowzaradan for life-saving, weight loss surgery. Having success with Dr. Now’s program, many fans are wondering how the reality star is doing now? Did she continue losing weight, or did she fall back into old habits?

Going back in time when Lindsey Witte started her journey

When Lindsey first appeared on the popular reality tv show, she was considered morbidly obese. She weighed in at an astonishing 647 pounds and needed help getting her weight under control. Lindsey struggled with her weight most of her life, which was mostly due to an abusive father. She turned to food for the comfort she needed as a child. Moreover, she stated that she adopted poor eating habits and bad choices from her father too, according to Hollywood Gossip.

Fast forward to married life

Lindsey’s turned to her husband Paul for support but he was also dealing with his own issues. He fought his alcohol addiction for years and was often short-tempered and impatient with hisLindsey's Instagram Page wife. He couldn’t deal with the stress that came with Lindsey’s poor eating habits. Which is one reason why Lindsey went to Houston to see the Dr. Without her husband.

Lindsey Witte’s time with Dr. Now

Lindsey previously went through a gastric sleeve surgery when she was in her 20s. but before she turned 30 she gained all her weight back. Not living in the past, she turned to Dr. Now. He put Lindsey on a strict 1200 calorie diet that cut out carbs and processed sugars. In the span of 12 months, Lindsey was able to lose 209 pounds and came down to a more manageable 438 pounds. She got approved for gastric bypass surgery and was given a new weight goal.

Where is Lindsey now? 

The 39-year-old is living back with her husband and seems to be going great! She has committed herself to hit the gym on a daily basis. She told her followers that she was so happy that her family and friends were always there to help her out. As you can see by Lindsey’s updated photo, she is looking slimmer than ever before! Fans have also noticed that she seems to have her confidence back. Her social media post are always happy and hopeful!

Is Lindsey going to be on an update of My 600-lb Life?

A fan asked her this question.

“Sorry I cannot disclose any[thing] at this time,” Witte recently told a follower, adding as a tease: “But keep a lookout for my follow up episode!”

Well, that should give us some hope that she will be returning to the TLC show sometime soon!

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