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‘Unexpected’ Fans React Negatively To Myrka & Ethan Gender Reveal Party

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Unexpected fans recall Myrka Cantu got kicked out of her home by her mother Liliana after revealing her pregnancy. During this week’s episode of Unexpected fans see Myrka and Ethan gearing up to have a gender reveal party.

Ethan Ybarra’s family gave Myrka shelter

Fortunately, Ethan Ybarra’s family did not react in the same way as Liliana Cantu. They welcomed the mother of Ethan’s child into their home with open eyes. And, during this week’s episode, we saw a very excited couple. Looking forward to the gender reveal part. And, truthfully, who could blame them? Learning the gender of an unborn child is exciting for anyone.

Despite being ousted by her mother… Myrka Cantu was not ready to pull the plug on the relationship completely. In fact, she tried to invite her mother to the gender reveal party. Unfortunately, her mother shut the invite down. Her mother insisted she was working nearly all the time. And, she just didn’t have time to go to a gender reveal party.

“Everyday that I don’t work, it’s money that doesn’t come into my pocket.” Liliana Cantu explained.

Liliana Cantu gets a lot of backlash from the fans of the show

Unexpected fans do not particularly care for Liliana Cantu. After all, she kissed her pregnant 17-year-old out of the house. That being said, fans do understand Liliana wanted more for her daughter. Myrka was a top student. Her mother had huge dreams for her future. Dreams that were shattered by this unexpected pregnancy.

Liliana Cantu insists kicking her daughter out was a lesson learning experience. And, not everyone disagrees. Myrka will have to find a way to be responsible for the baby.

One fan of the show pens on Facebook: “I agree with Myrkas mom it is Myrkas responsibility to take care of her kid. She can’t drive, get a job or graduate school but lets pop out a kid. Why are they celebrating another teen pregnancy.”

Another agrees: “Myrka, you should have listened to your mom. She knows this world is cruel. Raising a child is hard. I agree with your mom. Your boyfriend is young and he may fall for someone else and leave you. Then you will want your mom but it will be too late.”


Some fans of Unexpected insist Liliana Cantu is hypocritical in throwing her daughter out. Why? Well, because Myrka did help her mother by watching her little brother while their mother worked.

One fan argued: “I feel so sorry for Myrkas. Your Mom will regret her actions. She doesn’t want to raise someone else’s child; but, it was ok for her daughter to raise her son.”


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Unexpected Myrka & Ethan show no regret

According to Meaww, this young couple made it clear they understood the risk of having unprotected sex. And, sometimes they decided to do so. Likewise, this couple has not shown an ounce of regret in their unprotected sex resulting in a pregnancy.

Either way, fans are just happy she could lean on her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s family for support.

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