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Chase Chrisley’s Girlfriend Emmy Shocked By Todd’s ‘Vagina’ Post

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We previously reported Todd Chrisley shocked everyone with his vulgar Instagram post this weekend. Turns out, however, it wasn’t just fans that Todd caught off guard. Chase Chrisley’s girlfriend Emmy Medders also reacted to the vulgar post. And, well, she was just as shocked as everyone else. In fact, her response suggests she couldn’t believe Todd Chrisley would post something with the word “vagina” in it on Instagram. Perhaps she just hasn’t spent enough time with who might very well be her father-in-law one day.

What exactly did Todd Chrisley share that was so vulgar?

Those who follow Todd Chrisley knows he enjoys sharing memes and simple quotes. Sometimes they are faithful and sometimes they are funny. This, however, was especially explicit for Todd. And, some of his followers couldn’t believe he would share such a thing. There were even a few people who questioned if his account had been hacked.

Todd Chrisley, however, happily owned his post in response to the criticism. He didn’t seem to care whether his followers liked or didn’t like what he had to say.

His post was a white background with black text on it. The text suggested that a “vagina” tightens every time a woman laughs. So, people should stop scrolling past his hilarious posts and enjoy them instead. It ended referring to everyone as a “loosey goosey.”


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“Let’s tighten up on opinions while tightening up on what’s important , just saying,” he penned in the caption. Ending his caption with a shrug.

Was this type of post not very Christian of him?

Now, as we mentioned previously, a lot of his followers were furious with this post. These upset followers thought this was not something a good, faithful, Christian man would post.

“Would a good Christian man of God say something like this!!” One enraged follower penned with several exclamation marks. As well as several angry faces.

The same individual commented a second time: “That is a disgusting thing to say!!!! If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all!!!”

“I have a VERY healthy sense of humor, and am quite naughty myself with my humor, but that was completely inappropriate, AND TACKY. I am deeply disappointed. I thought you had more class than that.” A third unamused follower added.

Now, Chase’s girlfriend Emmy Medders’ did not get much attention with her reaction. But, her Instagram account does not have a blue checkmark. So, unless you follow her on Instagram, her reacts would have been buried in the comments.

Was there any support for Todd Chrisley?

Not everyone was upset with Todd. One follower jested the caption and meme sounded like something Nanny Faye would say. Todd also seemingly had a decent amount of support from celebrities.

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