Madison Prewett Behind The Scenes

Madison Prewett Spills ‘Bachelor’ Behind The Scenes Beans

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Now that Madison Prewett isn’t on The Bachelor any more, she’s happy to spill some beans about what goes on behind the scenes. Granted, the reality star knows she can’t share everything.

However, speaking to Us Magazine, she did share a bit of the behind the scenes info about her own life. Chief among those is that she’s not someone who ever felt at home in the ball gowns.

When it came to filming The Bachelor, Prewett said the contestants were always made to dress up. In particular, she never liked wearing high heels.

“I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m a sneaker girl,” she said. “For me, one of the biggest challenges was wearing heels all the time … and having to stand for that long [at rose ceremonies]. That is just not something that comes easily or [is] comfortable for me, so I would say that was honestly the hardest part.”

Despite not loving to wear ball gowns and dresses all the time, she also knew they were worth keeping. Still, she’s far more comfortable in jump suits and sneakers.

Madison Prewett Not A Bachelor Fan

Viewers of the reality show tend to think that everyone on it are fans of the long running series. The fact of the matter is that Prewett claimed she never really watched. Because of that, she didn’t have a great grip on what to expect when she showed up to the mansion.

She added that having “never” watched the show, she couldn’t really plan how she was going to behave. That meant a lot of looking back and being less than thrilled with some of her performances.

“When you’re right there in the moment, you don’t really pick up on [embarrassing] things. It’s just happening so fast,” she joked. “Then you go back and watch and you’re like, ‘Oh, that was not cute. That was not good.”

Perhaps it was her lack of familiarity with the show that caused her poor performance. Prewitt was among some of the last women to be on her version of The Bachelor. However, she bowed out before he could pick someone else.

Peter Weber ended up picking Hannah Slusser. However, the couple split soon after the shooting wrapped up.

Weber and Prewitt briefly struck up a romance after the split with Slusser. In the end, it didn’t work out for them either. Now, she says she’s happier having put all The Bachelor brewhaha behind her.

Can You Eat The Food?

One topic Madison Prewett couldn’t be all that forthcoming on was whether or not the contestants actually ate on their dates. When she was asked, she said she didn’t know if she was allowed to say. She then followed that up with a little extra “tea.”

She said that before they go on the date, they’re “taken care of” food wise. The hint seems to be that they in fact, don’t eat when they’re on camera.

Are you surprised to learn Madison Prewett didn’t watch the show before being on it?

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