A Bizarre Mystery Surrounds Julie Chrisley’s Birthday

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We previously reported Chase Chrisley wished his mother Julie a happy birthday. Unsurprisingly, fans of Chrisley Knows Best quickly joined him. His sister Savannah, however, was just as quick to troll him. Within 15 minutes of publishing his tribute to his mother, Savannah dragged her brother. She noted it was a “good try.” But, it wasn’t actually Julie’s birthday.

Now, this caused a lot of fans to wonder one simple thing. When exactly is Julie Chrisley’s birthday?

Turns out, there is a lot of mystery surrounding Julie Chrisley’s birthday

If you search Google for Julie Chrisley’s birthday, it’ll tell you she is 48 years old. Now, this suggests she’s already had her birthday this year. Why? Because Google says she was also born in 1973. Google also confirms she was born in January. It, however, does not clarify an exact date of birth. Google confirming her age to be 48, however, suggests her date of birth is within the first 10 days of January.

Now, Famous Birthdays reports Julie Chrisley’s birthday to be January 9th, 1973.  Doing a bit of sleuthing around the internet… It seems this is the only date any outlet feels comfortable reporting as her birthday.

In Facebook fan groups, there is some chatter that her birthday is later in the month of January. That, however, would not explain why Google says she’s already 48.

Did Chase mistakenly reveal the right day?

One interesting theory is that perhaps Savannah was just trolling Chase to cover him. For whatever reason, the Chrisley family has put a bizarre shroud of mystery around Julie’s birthday. It is possible Savannah saw Chase wish her a happy birthday and spun the story a different direction because there were already 10,000 people who saw his post in just 15 minutes.

Chase Chrisley Wishes Julie Happy Birthday, Only One Small Problem

Chase did delete the post. And, no one from the family has wished her happy birthday since. But, Savannah did also troll her brother and screenshot the post on her Instagram Stories. That being said, Instagram Stories do expire.

Why is the family trying to hide her birthday?

For some reason, it looks as if the Chrisley family wishes to keep Julie Chrisley’s birthday a secret. After all, none of the sources reporting January 9th as her date of birth are completely credible. Moreover, none of them confirm where they got that date of birth from.

Julie Chrisley Instagram

We aren’t really sure why Julie Chrisley’s birthday is not public knowledge. But, it goes to show fans reality TV stars can have privacy if they want it.

Why do you think they keep her birthday a secret? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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