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Female Fans Thank Todd Chrisley For Tightening Their Nether Regions Today

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Things got a little crazy for Todd Chrisley on Instagram this weekend. His vulgar Instagram post was not well-received by many of his fans. Some fans noted they usually appreciate his sense of humor. Even when he gets a little crude and crass with it. But, this? This was too much for many. Some even insisted it just wasn’t very Christian of him at all.

Less prudish female fans thanked Todd Chrisley for the ‘work out’

Now, not everyone in the comments of Todd Chrisley’s vulgar Instagram post thought it was actually vulgar. He had many fans who thought it was just as funny as he did. Noticeably, there were several women. Women who said the post gave them the ‘work out’ they needed. A few said they hoped their husbands would be happy with what Todd helped them accomplish by reading this post.

Now, in the post… Todd suggests laughing is an easy way to tighten a vagina. The post encourages followers not to scroll past his posts. Posts which he suggests are almost always funny. Feeding into the message, some less prudish female fans thanked him for the laugh.

“Lawd.. I have laughed til I peed. I hope my husband is happy with the results,” one follower penned in a comment liked nearly 100 times.

A second echoed: “Feel tighter already 😂….thank you.”

“I did my workout for today, thanks todd and my husband will thank you too lmfao,” a third added.


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Now, all of this supportive comments had likes and responses. So, Todd Chrisley did have some less prudish and supportive followers in the comments.

How did other followers react to these responses?

Each of these positive and supportive funny comments had responses. Most of the responses were just laughing so hard you cry emojis. Not everyone was ready to come at Todd Chrisley with a pitchfork and torch for his “vulgar” joke.

So, does laughing actually tighten your vagina?

Now, here’s the real question… Is his advice any good? If a person does a lot of laughing… Is it a natural way to tighten things up? After all, any woman who has had a baby knows the fear of laughing when you need to use the bathroom. One laugh or one sneeze and suddenly… There’s no need to be anymore. So, can laughing really tighten things up down there?

According to BladderAndBowel.Org, there is truth in what Todd Chrisley had to say on Instagram. Laughing, coughing, and even sneezing can help with tightening your muscles in your nether regions.


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