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‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Caught Kody Staging His Lifestyle

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As the fans of Sister Wives gear up for Season 15 on TLC,  everyone wants to know where Robyn Brown hides out. While rumors fly nobody really knows why she won’t so much as drop a message on social media for her Sister Wives fans.

Sister Wives – Robyn Brown Waltzs In

Realistically, Robyn Brown has been the target of some of the more horrendous comments since joining the Sister Wives clan. But it seems she knew what she was getting into when joining this now-famous plural marriage.

To understand Robyn Brown’s outlook on the Sister Wives’ clan,  go back to the time before she married Kody. Back to the time when she first met Kody Brown. Yes, Meri Brown was with Kody when they stopped by Robyn’s cousin’s house. And… there she was.

From the way Meri Brown and Kody Brown explain things, both were smitten with Robyn. But in totally two different ways. Meri could see her as a Sister Wives addition but Kody had romance on the mind.

Sister Wives Kody Brown

The Sister Wives husband plays down that heart pang when he first met Robyn. Probably because he faced possible scrutiny from his three wives. It sounded like he needed quite a bit of coaxing from his first wife to pursue his fourth.

Number Four Arrives For a Visit With Kody Brown Family

The four wives and one husband that make up this Sister Wives family wrote a book together several years ago. “Becoming Sister Wives – The Story of an Unconventional Marriage” is the title of that book. Each of the wives got pretty candid in their individual chapters and Kody Brown did as well.

Once Kody agreed with Meri that Robyn might be a good fit for the Sister Wives family, she was invited up to their home in Utah. This is the house with three separate apartments that Janelle Brown looks fondly back on in recent seasons of the TLC show.

Meri Brown seemed to have good memories as well about this dwelling. But this house seemed to be the reason Christine Brown nixed the one big house idea in Flagstaff, crushing Kody’s dream.

Sister Wives: She Takes the Bait

Robyn had no money at the time. She had to borrow money for gas from her cousin to make the four hour trip from her home to the Sister Wives house. When she first pulled up to their home, it looked as if they staged the place for curb appeal. Robyn commented that it looked like a scene out of the MTV show Cribs. 

That’s the show that toured homes of the rich and famous, mostly in the music business. But these celebs often lined up their fancy cars in the driveway for the show. That’s what greeted Robyn, four convertibles lined up like these people had money. Considering she just got there on a borrowed tank of gas, it might have got her thinking.

Sister Wives - Robyn Brown

It looks like if Kody Brown did stage the house for Robyn, she saw right through it. But the way the Sister Wives family is set up, Kody takes care of his wives and kids. They pool their money and everyone’s bills get paid. While Kody and Robyn courted, he moved her into his neighborhood.

While the three wives shared one home, Robyn got her own. Then they married and the rest is history. But when Robyn came to meet the family for the first time and the first thing to greet her were four luxury cars, she had a feeling Kody staged the place on her behalf.

Although you have to admit since Robyn joined the family, she’s had a few luxury homes and a nice car of her own. So, even if Kody staged the house for her first visit, she got a life of luxury out of the deal.

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