Will A New Episode Of ‘Shameless’ Air This Weekend?

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Fans of Shameless have been itching for a new episode of Season 11 for a few weeks now. Those who have been with the show for a while, however, know it is pretty typical for any serious to take a break over the holiday. After all, the cast and crew go home for the holidays. So, they are producing the rest of the season. Likewise, they don’t want the holidays to tank the views.

Showtime, however, did something a little different for Season 11. They ordered a companion series called Hall of ShameShameless fans have spent the last two weeks watching this companion series. And, as we reported, most fans do not really care for it. Why? Because it doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. It is just a string of episodes full of flashbacks. A way to reflect on the past ten seasons of the series. And, how the characters grew.

Will we see another episode of Hall of Shame this weekend? Will we see a Shameless Season 11, Episode 4? Or, will we get to watch both? Lots of questions floating around among Shameless fans right now.

Shameless Season 11 New Episode, Or Hall of Fame?

According to the Showtime website… Fans will get to enjoy a new episode of Shameless Season 11 this weekend. Episode 4 of Season 11 to be exact. And, it will air during it’s usual time slot on Sunday. That being said, those with the Showtime streaming service will get to watch it after it drops into the library on Saturday night (just after midnight).

The schedule, however, suggests that next weekend (January 17th)… There will not be a new episode of Shameless. Instead, the time slot next weekend has another episode of the companion series. So, it is possible the network plans on alternating showing one and the other to extend the final season a little longer. Fans were furious in Facebook groups with Shameless took a two week hiatus for the holidays… So, we can’t imagine they’ll be very happy to learn the network might only air a new episode every other week.

Fans React To ‘Shameless Hall Of Shame:’ Waste Of F*cking Time

Furthermore, we know Shameless Season 11 production is currently stalled because of the virus. So, the airing of future new episodes might get delayed further.

Fortunately, fans do have one new episode to look forward to this weekend. Beyond that, the schedule gets a little fuzzy.

So, are you itching for new episodes of Shameless? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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