Life After Lockup: Quaylon Adams - Shavel Moore

‘Life After Lockup’: Shavel & Quaylon Still at Odds – Will He Win Her Back?

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Life After Lockup spoilers show a complicated situation between Shavel Moore and Quaylon Adams. It’s a messy situation for these two after Shavel found messages from other women on Quaylon’s phone. And even though Quaylon wants to reconcile, it won’t be an easy road getting there.

Life After Lockup: Relationship Drama for Shavel Moore & Quaylon Adams

Things went from bad to worse for Shavel Moore and Quaylon Adams ever since Shavel went through his phone. She found suggestive messages from other women. And because of that, she kicked him out of the home they shared. Without getting the chance to explain his side of the story, Quaylon headed home to Houston.

Meanwhile, Shavel Moore’s relatives were against her relationship with Quaylon from the beginning. And her mother and cousin urged her to kick Quaylon to the curb for good after what he did. Turns out, Shavel did that for a while – and she even went out with one of her male friends. But it looks like the situation with her man isn’t over just yet.

Life After Lockup: Quaylon Adams - Shavel Moore

Quaylon Wants to Make Things Right

At first, Quaylon Adams was done with Shavel on Life After Lockup. But he quickly changed his tune and wanted to win her back. Moreover, because Shavel was hurt in the past, she wasn’t sure she could trust him again. So there’s a lot of relationship drama in this situation for the WEtv duo.

Meanwhile, Life After Lockup spoilers say Quaylon is on his way to Branson to see Shavel Moore. There are a lot of things working against them. Both families don’t approve of them together. So there are a lot of outside influences – in addition to the things they have to iron out between them if they want to be a couple once again.

Life After Lockup: Quaylon Adams

Do Life After Lockup Pair Make it?

For Life After Lockup watchers keeping up with this pair in real-time, it looks like they’re still going strong as a couple. Shavel recently had some kind words for Quaylon to celebrate his recent birthday. And he was with Shavel’s daughter to celebrate her birthday recently too.

Even so, this Life After Lockup pair has a lot to iron out in current episodes. In addition, Shavel even prepares her daughter just in case things don’t work out. Shavel tells her daughter in teaser clips that both she and “daddy” will still love her even if things don’t work out between them.

Moreover, even though things end well for the Life After Lockup duo, it’s worth tuning in to new episodes to see how they resolve their issues and ultimately reconcile. Interestingly, both Shavel Moore and Quaylon Adams don’t have much of each other on their Instagram pages – likely to keep spoilers about their relationship status from coming out as the season airs.

Life After Lockup airs Fridays on WEtv.

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