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Anna Cardwell, Mama June’s Daughter Reveals Wild Hair Color

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Anna Cardwell, the eldest daughter of Mama June Shannon, sports some wild colors in her hair right now. The half-sister of Jessica, Lauryn, and Alana looks amazing, her fans think. Fans of Mama June: From Not To Hot know that Jessica and Anna went for plastic surgery. But right now, her hair coloring grabs their attention.

Anna Cardwell sports new hair coloring

We reported that fans seemed thrilled that Anna appeared in WEtv’s Family Crisis season. And they really like that she and Jessica went for surgery. Mind you, they seemed less thrilled when Jessica ascribed her better figure to Boom Bod. Nevertheless, the entire family promo the product, and fans still look at the posts to get an idea of what goes on in their lives. Now Anna, the mom of Kaitlyn and Kylee, shared a post on Instagram and her new hair colors really stand out.

On January 7, Anna Cardwell shared a short clip of herself doing a promo. But, it’s her hair that draws attention. It really looks quite attractive. Blonde with streaks of blue, the color combo seems to suit her a lot. Actually, Anna quite often changes things up with her hair. Like back in October she dyed her hair a light blonde. And way back in August was the last time she revealed two-colors. But back then, the blue wasn’t so bright and noticeable. In fact, it almost looked like a sort of charcoal color. At the time, she celebrated her birthday and lots of fans wished her all the best for it.

Mama June, Anna, Jessica, Pumpkin, and Alana polish up a bit

Jessica and Anna spent an estimated $120k on plastic surgery makeovers, so it’s no surprise that Anna looks fantastic these days. Meanwhile, Mama June also works on regaining her fitness and shedding some pounds. Plus, Pumpkin looks like she started losing as well. And, young Alana also works at trying hard to get fit and lose some pounds.  Unfortunately, the whole family seems a bit predisposed to growing thick if they don’t watch their diets and exercise hard.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a plus-sized physique. But, too much weight might lead to health issues. And none of the Mama June: From Not To Hot fans would wish that on their favorite TV Stars. Most especially, fans worry about Alana. After all, Honey Boo Boo’s still a young teen. And they really hope she keeps on with her exercise. Like her sisters Anna Cardwell, Pumpkin, and Jessica, Alana’s very pretty. So fans hope they see her blossom into a stunning woman.

Anna Cardwell sports blue and blonde hair
Anna Cardwell | Instagram

What do you think of Anna Cardwell’s wild colored hair in her latest Instagram post? Do you agree that light blonde with blue streaks looks amazing on her? Sound off in the comments below.

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