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‘Sister Wives’: Is Kody Brown’s ‘Anaconda’ How He Scored Four Wives?

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Did Kody Brown of Sister Wives have a little help in his nether regions with scoring his four wives? This is a conundrum fans of the TLC series have wondered for a period of time now. He doesn’t come off as an especially kind husband or father. He doesn’t seem to spend a lot of time parenting his children. And, many argue he isn’t much of a looker either. So, how did this catastrophe of a man score four women that most fans believe he doesn’t deserve?

Well, something his wife Christine Brown posted on Instagram has fans wondering. Is he packing an anaconda in those pants?

Sister Wives: Christine Brown rocks anaconda t-shirt

Sister Wives star Christine Brown shared a photo of herself rocking a new shirt. The shirt read “keep calm and love anacondas.” Unfortunately for Christine, many agreed the post was a bit tone deaf. Likewise, they jested it was thick with innuendo. The word anaconda sent many fans’ minds right into the gutter.

Suddenly it dawns on everyone… Is Christine Brown actually talking about an anaconda? Or, is she talking about her husband.

Now, if Kody Brown is packing an anaconda… It certainly would explaining how he scored four wives. Even with some of his less endearing traits. After all, who doesn’t love a man with an anaconda?

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The caption tells a different story

Now, if you get past the picture to the caption… You get a different story. Christine Brown reveals the shirt was a gift. Likewise, she admits she really doesn’t like anacondas. She jests she’ll probably have to “burn” the shirt. Because it isn’t a very good gift. In fact, she argues Satan created bananas, anacondas, and hornets.

Unfortunately for those who were enjoying the mental image of Kody Brown’s anaconda… Sorry. If the innuendo in her post is actually true… Christine Brown doesn’t like anacondas. So, perhaps Kody Brown is actually packing something much smaller and less intimidating that Christine enjoys. After all, she also noted she doesn’t like bananas either. And, this certainly doesn’t help the innuendo vibes this post is giving off.


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Likewise, if the above is true… We wrap back around to the original question. How on earth did Kody Brown score four wives?

Sister Wives fans believe Christine Brown doesn’t even realize how people are taking her t-shirt about loving anacondas. Likewise, some don’t really understand why she doesn’t care for bananas.

Do you think Kody Brown is packing an anaconda? Or, perhaps something smaller than a banana? Share your thoughts with us.

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