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Lilah Roloff Treats Murphy Dog With Snacks

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Lilah Roloff adores Murphy the dog. Or at least, he amuses her a lot. She looked like she thought it the best thing ever when she slipped him a few treats. Notably, Murphy’s a clever dog. So, he knows to stay close to her when she has snacks.

Lilah Roloff and Murphy the dog

We reported that Zach Roloff assured fans that Murphy and Lilah get along fine. The Little People, Big World star posted about it back in November. At the time, he said that “Murphy is smitten with her.” Well, a lot of fans previously worried about Jackson at that age as they feared the dog might hurt him. But that never happened. So maybe that’s why few TLC critics troll on news about Lilah and the dog.

On January 6, Tori Roloff shared some clips on Instagram Stories. Lilah Roloff lay on her tummy with a container of something nice that she ate. Every now and then, she put some out for Murphy. And she got a really naughty look on her face. Clearly, she’s fascinated by him towering over her waiting for a treat. She smiled every time Murphy found one of the treats. You can see some of the adorable screenshots below.

LIlah Roloff Feeds Treats To Murphy Dog

What type of dog is Tori Roloff’s dog Murphy?

Cafemom reminds fans that Murphy‘s a “huge, lovable Bernese Mountain Dog.” They also noted that “Anyone who’s ever had a dog knows their capacity for love is huge, and that definitely seems to be the case for this furry friend.”

Well, Your Purebred Puppy agrees that these dogs seem particularly good with little kids. The outlet actually noted they sometimes seem timid if not properly socialized.  One of the major drawbacks seems to relate to their longevity. Unfortunately, the big dogs tend to live for only seven to eight years.

Fiercely loyal and very patient with children though, most of them settle in with families quite well. And, they become rapidly more popular in the country. But, unless you have a lot of space and an area for them to run around in, the outlet doesn’t recommend you get one. They also tend to shed a lot of hair around the place. And drool. Luckily for Lilah Roloff, Zach and Tori have a lot of yard space. No doubt, Little People Big World fans see much more of these friends together in time to come.

What did you think of the cute clips that LPBW star Roloff shared of Lilah sneaking treats to Murphy the big dog? Do you agree she’s just so cute? Do you own one of these dogs? Sound off in the comments below.

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