Knight Rider star David Hasselhoff is auctioning off personal memorabilia including his own KITT car

‘Knight Rider’ Actor David Hasselhoff Is Auctioning Off His Own Personal KITT Car

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Back in the 1980s, one of the most popular hit TV shows was Knight Rider, starring David Hasselhoff. Fans of the show will recall Michael Knight’s vehicle, KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand). Many would probably give anything to own this customized Pontiac Firebird Trans Am vehicle. Currently, only five original KITT cars remain in the world. Hasselhoff currently owns one of these replicas, but not for much longer. You, too, can be the proud owner of an original KITT replica car.

David Hasselhoff auctions off KITT on The Hoff Auction

Most people in the world have been suffering financially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It is unknown whether David Hasselhoff is currently short on cash, but he is having a great sale right now. The Hoff is selling many items of his own, personal memorabilia, including his very own KITT car.

The Hoff Auction is being held by and lists a number of the actor’s personal memorabilia. Obviously, the KITT car tops the list and looks to be fully functioning, complete with a working custom dashboard and front end. Whether the vehicle still has its original weapons systems is currently unknown, but it is unlikely. Also, presumably, the car will no longer be able to talk back at you as you drive. Even without these higher functions, the car could make any 80s boy’s dream come true!

According to the listing on the auctioneer’s website, the car is currently located in the United Kingdom. The reserve price for the customized Pontiac Firebird Trans Am is currently set at between $150,000 and $300,000. Hasselhoff says if it sells for 25 percent higher than the original reserve price, he will personally deliver the vehicle to its new owner. It seems David already has some driving to do, as the highest bid so far is $975,000. This also means that the bids could head into seven figures soon.

What else is on the Hoff Auction?

As noted on the website, more than 40 years of Hasselhoff’s personal items are on sale. These include screen and stage worn wardrobe items, scripts, awards, autographed items, photos, music, film and television memorabilia.

All items are related to Knight Rider, Baywatch or Hasselhoff’s appearance in Jekyll & Hyde. Autographed photos of the iconic vehicle are also available, should you not have the necessary cash on hand. Searching through the items on sale, it is unclear whether David is selling the Baywatch pinball game included in this video. While it doesn’t seem to be on the list on the auctioneer’s website, this would be a fun item to own.

The Hoff Auction will run online until January 21, 2021, giving Knight Rider fans time to buy the perfect piece of TV history. Get bidding folks and hopefully have David Hasselhoff deliver your “new” car in person!

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