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Fans Noticed Kim Kardashian Without Wedding Ring At Christmastime

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Kim Kardashian was spotted without her wedding ring. This was weeks before Page Six reported that the reality star is planning to divorce her husband. However, both TMZ and E! News claim that the couple is currently in counseling. That could pose a challenge if the reports about them living separate lives are true.

As for the fans, they noticed that Kim hasn’t been wearing her wedding ring lately. She and her family went on a Christmas trip to Lake Tahoe. The Kardashian-Jenner clan has shared plenty of photos and footage from their festivities. While Kim wore her ring in the early part of December, she was spotted without it soon thereafter.

Fans noticed Kim Kardashian spotted without her wedding ring

On the KUWTK subreddit, one fan noticed that Kim Kardashian hasn’t worn her wedding ring in months. According to the fan, the Skims founder wore her wedding ring in a series of clips posted to her Instagram Stories on Monday, December 14, 2020. Soon thereafter, she hasn’t been spotted with it since. The family reportedly went to Lake Tahoe in the early part of December, and she was spotted without it then as well.

Also, Kim was spotted without her wedding ring in her recent Skims selfies and Christmas Eve photos. Fans also noticed something was up when Kanye wasn’t present in any of the family photos and clips. Obviously, they grew concerned as the weeks went on. And then the rumor mill started talking.

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KUWTK fans are upset over Kimye divorce

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, some fans think it’s a case of fake news. They feel that Kim Kardashian would announce it herself if she was planning to divorce Kanye. However, some fans are upset. While they understand that the couple tried their best, they wish they could stay together.

“This is genuinely sad. I think Kanye’s mental health has totally declined over the years and destroyed what they had,” one fan wrote. “That’s just speculation but from his actions lately it seems like he’s getting worse and worse.”

“The death of any relationship is tragic, but this especially so because it is an effect of Kanye’s downward spiral,” a second fan added.

However, one fan didn’t see it coming. They were sure that Kim would’ve stuck with the marriage, even with Kanye’s latest outbursts. The fan speculated that Kanye’s “abortion comment was the last straw” for Kim. The user referred to the time when Kanye revealed during his presidential campaign that they almost aborted their first child, North West.

Their big fight led to a missing wedding ring?

Some fans believe that Kim Kardashian wore her wedding ring in the Lake Tahoe photos. They argued that it’s so small that it can be difficult to see sometimes. They also think she removed it on Christmas Eve for fashion reasons. However, an insider claims that the couple had a “big fight” in December.

“Kanye blew up at Kim and she was really upset,” the source told Us Weekly. “Things between them don’t seem to have healed since that.”

So, it could be the reason why Kim isn’t wearing her wedding ring. While she reportedly met with a divorce lawyer, she’s not signing the papers yet. She just wants to discuss her options. However, another insider told Us Weekly that it was “only a matter of time” until the KKW Beauty founder decided to pull the plug after helping Kanye for many years.

Until Kim announces it herself, it’s all speculation at this moment. What are your thoughts? Do you think Kim and Kanye will divorce? Sound off below.

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