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‘The Bachelor’ Season 25 Found Its Villain & She’s A Queen

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Every season of shows in The Bachelor franchise must have a villain! Sometimes it takes a few episodes for them to reveal themselves, but others are easy to spot from the get-go. It was blatantly clear to viewers which contestant is getting the villain edit on Season 25 of The Bachelor.

Victoria is The Bachelor’s Evil ‘Queen’

When you are fighting with 30+ other women for the affection of one man, you better stand out. The contestants for Season 25 took that premise to a new level with their limo entrances. One woman brought along a third party to meet Matt James – her vibrator. Another one showed up in nothing but her skivvies to get Matt James’ attention. 

Victoria Larson designated the tall drink of water as her “King,” and herself “Queen Victoria.”

Predictably, she wasn’t there to make friends and certainly succeeded in that. In the first episode of The Bachelor, a moment alone with the lead is essential to sticking around. Well, “Queen” Victoria got her moment.. And then some. 

After trying to cajole one of her competitors to approach Matt, Victoria took it upon herself to steal him away for a second time.

Matt James didn’t seem to have much use for Victoria, but did she manage to snag a rose? 

And The Final Rose of the Night Goes To…

“Queen” Victoria was angling for the first impression rose with her antics. However, that went to Abigail, the early fan-favorite for Season 25. In true Bachelor Nation fashion, the suspense of Victoria’s fate dragged on and on. 

Ultimately, Matt James DID utter those words, “Will you accept this rose?” to the self-titled “Queen.” After 24 previous seasons, fans weren’t surprised. In fact, for several years now, there have been rumors that producers are the ones picking who stays and who goes.

Bachelor fans – or hate-watchers – took to Twitter to express their displeasure at Victoria getting a rose. A few called out the producers for forcing Matt James to keep Victoria for at least another week. 

While viewers won’t know Matt James’ final pick for quite a while, it seems clear that Victoria is this season’s “bad girl” that viewers love to hate. 

Do you agree that Victoria is the villain of the season? Or do you like her? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. Or follow our Bachelor Facebook group to chat with like-minded fans!

The drama on The Bachelor continues Mondays on ABC. 

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