Tanya Roberts Officially Dead

Tanya Roberts Officially Declared Dead For Second Time


Tanya Roberts officially passed away on Monday night. Her passing came on the same day it was confirmed she was still alive, after previous reports claimed she died over the weekend.

CBR confirmed, alongside TMZ that this time, the death proclamation is true and accurate. Reports out of the former Bond Girl’s hospital say she passed around 9 PM on Monday night, shortly after talking to her doctor.’

Roberts was reported by her representatives as having died on January 3 after a fall that occurred on Christmas Eve. Lance O’Brien, claimed she had died in his arms and relayed this information to the actor’s rep. Conflicting reports name O’Brien as either Roberts’ husband or long-time boyfriend.

The confusion seemed to have stemmed from the fact that Lance left the hospital without talking to staff members. It appears he was so distraught over Tanya Roberts’ passing that he couldn’t fathom speaking to anyone else before he left.

The whole incident caused quite a bit of confusion in Hollywood after Monday’s conflicting report.

Tanya Roberts’ Death Report Confuses Many

After the actor’s people told the media she passed away, several outlets wrote moving tributes to her. Having spent decades on television, movies and modeling, she was familiar in entertainment circles.

That meant several outlets wanted to cover her long career. The confusion was further aided by her partner confirming her death over the weekend. Family members rarely confirm tragedy like this without it being quite obviously true.

Those same tributes now hold true.

Roberts is likely most familiar to the current generation for her stint on That 70’s Show. She played Donna’s mom and served as a kind of aging sex symbol for the “teen” boys on the series.

Death Confusion In Hollywood

Confusion over an actor or celebrity passing is nothing new on social media. Twitter has become a meme in itself when it comes to names trending on the site. People rush to make sure that whoever is trending is “ok.” On occasion they are not.

In rare instances (though not rare enough) social media convinces the general public someone died, who is very much alive. That happened more often when Twitter and Facebook was relatively new. Nonetheless, it still happens from time to time.

It’s always embarrassing for the actor or celebrity. It’s even more embarrassing for outlets that don’t check to make sure the story they’re reporting is accurate.

However, this time around every site and publication that claimed Roberts passed away on Sunday, truly believed they did their due diligence. The hospital cannot and won’t confirm something like a person passing away to anyone other than family. That is unless the family allowed it.

This time around, the long-time partner and official representatives both telling the same story convinced the media. Perhaps the mistake will lead to better diligence in the future. One can only hope.

One thing is for sure. The world can now officially offer condolences to Roberts’ family and friends.

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