Jinger Duggar Covid Comments

Jinger Duggar Slammed After Covid Comments Hint At ‘God’s Plan’

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Jinger Duggar probably wanted to comfort people with hew New Year’s message. Instead, her fans were divided over an Instagram post that some thought was hinting the coronavirus pandemic was part of “God’s plan.”

The Counting On star routinely expresses her thoughts on social media while sharing photos of herself and her husband Jeremy Vuolo. Her latest message likely wasn’t meant to be political. Unfortunately, it’s hard for someone to discuss Covid-19 without veering into politics. She started off her message well enough.

“2020, what a year it’s been. Many people have suffered more this year than they ever have before,” Duggar started the post caption. “Many have wept over the loss of a loved one. Countless have lost their source of income. Depression and anxiety running rampant as the future remains uncertain,” she continued.

However, it’s part of the next section that people had problems with.

“How easy it is for us to place our confidence in health, finances, or even government,” she wrote. “I have been reminded more over the past year of the truth of God’s ultimate control over all things.”

She went on to say that God is still on his throne. She also said the pandemic did not surprise God. Some of the Counting On star’s fans had a problem with those words.

Jinger Duggar Covid Comments

God’s Plan?

It was clear that some fans felt as though Duggar was being sanctimonious. They let her know they weren’t happy with her comments about God.

“Easy to say when you have no expenses, rent, or a mortgage. Or a job to worry about losing for that matter. Tone-deaf morons,” one follower wrote.

“Actions speak louder than words, jerm&jinj,” wrote another commenter.

Others pointed out that Duggar’s comment seemed to be trying to minimize what happened in 2020. Others thought she was excusing the behavior of others. Specifically, some fans thought she was excusing people who don’t take the virus seriously. That includes her father, Jim-Bob Duggar.

Jinger Duggar Excusing Covid Deniers?

Jinger is in a bit of a tough spot when it comes to coronavirus. She spoke publicly several times over the year about how important it is to wear a mask. However, her father disagrees. He’s gone on the record as saying the pandemic was a hoax. He also used religious comments to back up his allegations.

That’s one of the reasons the younger Duggar’s comments didn’t sit well with some. The Counting On star seemed to be coming close to echoing her father.

It’s not clear if Duggar understood how her post would be taken. She hasn’t written another one since the backlash. Considering how active she is on social media, it seems one is forthcoming in the very near future.

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